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Exclusive! Carnevale & Home Raiders Saved By TrollTrader!


Some big news as Carnevale & Home Raiders will continue thanks to TrollTrader and TTCombat!

Sad News As Vesper-On Games Comes To An End


The creators of Carnevale and Home Raiders, Vesper-On Games, have unfortunately had to close their doors following an announcement this week on their website.

FanHunter To Get New Lease On Life From Devir


It looks like Fanhunter is getting a new lease on life.

The FanHunter Kickstarter Has Begun From Vesper-On


If you liked out segment on FanHunter from last week then come and check out the Kickstarter from Vesper-On which has gone live now!

Weekender: Wolsung SSG, The Rules Of The Walking Dead & FanHunter


Welcome to The Weekender which once again is jampacked with all manner of interviews and looks at the world of wargaming...

Get The Low-Down On The World Of FanHunter With Vesper-On


David Esbri of Vesper-On Games gives us the low-down on the world of FanHunter which is coming to Kickstarter soon with the board game Urban Warfare soon!

Vesper-On Give Us Some Details On Upcoming Fanhunter Game


Vesper-On have been working on putting together some content ahead of Fanhunter hitting Kickstarter in February. You can find out about Gameplay thanks to their post this week and then check out each Thursday for more...

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming’s C’thu


It's time for a jam packed Saturday morning as we have an interview with Alessio Cavatore about upcoming projects. Plus there's a chat with Tor Gaming about the progress of their C'thu Kickstarter and we get stuck into looking at some of the painting from the community...

Vesper-On Show Off New Wave Of Carnevale Releases


Vesper-On Games have shown off a whole host of new releases for Wave Three of Carnevale. What strange monsters and noble heroes do you think will be fighting throughout the streets of Venice? Kicking things off we have a model I'm sure Warren will love, the Kárcharos-Rashaar...

Vesper-On Games Is Warming Up The Fanhunter: Urban Warfare News


Vesper-On Games is gearing up for their next Kickstarter, Fanhunter: Urban Warfare.

Vesper-On’s Home Raiders Have Snuck Out Onto the Shelves


This year, Vesper-On ran a very successful Kickstarter for their new game Home Raiders, designed to be the perfect gateway game into the hobby. Now all the pledges have been sent out and the game has at last landed on their webstore.

Weekender XLBS: Amazing Hobby Travel Kit & Mega Star Wars Tabletop Chat


Sit back and relax with us on a Sunday morning as we go through some awesome bits and pieces we've picked up from the web and have a great chat about all things Star Wars... Grab A Backstage Free Trial To Watch The Show

Vesper-On Talk About Their New Project – Fanhunter


Whilst it might look rather odd the world of FanHunter is a popular one in Spain. It is quite a bizarre world and you can certainly see that in some of the miniatures that Vesper-On have been working on for FanHunter: Urban Warfare...

People In Profile: David Esbri – Vesper-On Games


Welcome back to People in Profile, where we seek out gaming's best and brightest to help us peer behind the curtain of games design. This time we are joined by the mind behind Carnevale and Home Raiders, David Esbri of Vesper-On Games.

Vesper-On Start Up Summer Carnevale Campaign


Vesper-On Games have launched a campaign called The Drifting Boat for their superb game, Carnevale. The idea is that all of the results sent in to [email protected] will be collated together and dependant on who won the most games, their faction will alter the history of Carnevale...

Vesper-On’s Carnevale Hitting Stores Once Again Soon!


Vesper-On have announced that Carnevale is going to be back in your friendly local gaming store very soon. As well as the rather epic looking Vampire Hunter below there are three factions just waiting to add to the experience...

Home Raiders Enters Final Few Days On Kickstarter


Vesper-On are entering the final few days of their Home Raiders Kickstarter. If you're looking to get in on this charming skirmish game that can be played anywhere you like then now is your chance.

A Pirate Elephant Joins The Crew In Vesper-on Games’ Home Raiders


We cannot be sure, but it seems that the world's most interesting pirate may have made his way into the Home Raiders Kickstarter from Vesper-on Games! Mortimer, The Bucaneer, will be a free bonus miniature for any backer that pledged at the Portal level or higher.

Home Raiders Show Off Cleopetra & A Painted Corporal Balmuff


Vesper-On's Home Raiders have shown off another bit of progress on the characters for their fun looking skirmish game. The two models in question are a look at the newly rendered Cleopetra and a painted version of Corporal Balmuff...

A Real Dude Leads the Freeloaders of Home Raiders


Home Raiders heads towards its final faction; the Freeloaders, accompanied by what has to be the coolest Dude of a leader ever.

New Factions & Boosters Unlocked For Vesper-On’s Home Raiders


Start spreading around a whole lot of dust and then doing a Peter Pan with the Fair Folk in Home Raiders by Vesper-On Games which is currently on Kickstarter.

Home Raiders Kickstarter Launches – Watch the Demo Game Now!


Weekender: X-Wing Wave 7 & Delving Into Undercity Board Game


It's time to get stuck into another weeks worth of tabletop gaming with The Weekender talking X-Wing, Undercity, Batman & More.

The Gremlins Come A’Tinkerin’ from Vesper-On’s Home Raiders


See how the Gremlins are looking as one of the factions for Vesper-On Games' Home Raiders which is coming to Kickstarter soon!

Weekender: Boot Camps, Salute Winners & Checking Out Emergence Event


Welcome back to The Weekender that took a bit of a hiatus last week due to our Salute coverage which was awesome but very tiring!

Vesper-On Show Off The Lilliput Troops Of Home Raiders


See what you think of the Lilliput faction that will be coming to Home Raiders soon from Vesper-On Games.

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