Vesper-On Talk About Their New Project – Fanhunter

October 20, 2015 by brennon

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Whilst it might look rather odd the world of Fanhunter is a popular one in Spain. It is quite a bizarre world and you can certainly see that in some of the miniatures that Vesper-On have been working on for Fanhunter: Urban Warfare...

FanHunter (Painted)

"Fanhunter is based in a popular comic franchise published in Spain, but we will make it super accessible for all of you who've never heard from it before.You’ll discover an amazing universe full of violence and hysterical laughs, populated by great characters that will soon be turned into some of our greatest models."

FanHunter Characters

They previewed a few more of the models for this series too and while I don't quite get the whole 'no mouth' thing I do like the character in the centre, Killer Dog, who looks like a neat private eye. Something about them reminds me of the moomins too.

They aren't sure if the project is going to be ready for Kickstarter just yet but maybe they'll be able to do it without the aid of a fundraiser. Either way it continues the zany work that Vesper-On are doing for the tabletop.

Have you heard of this comic world?

" continues the zany work that Vesper-On are doing for the tabletop"

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