Engage In A Battle Of Wizarding Power With Chaos Reborn

March 18, 2014 by brennon

The maker of X-COM UFO Defence and Ken Levine, the chap behind such titles as Bioshock, have headed to Kickstarter to bring together a sequel to the classic game, Chaos. Naturally the title for such a rebirth needed to be Chaos Reborn...

Chaos Reborn #1

Chaos Reborn #2

The game centres around the fight between rival wizards where you will each be summoning different spells to try and thwart your enemy...

  • Quick playing, turn-based combat. Battles typically last 10-30 minutes.
  • 80 unique spells, including 24 creatures - from dragons to goblins - fully animated in the 3D Unity Engine.
  • Classic spells from the original Chaos - including the Gooey Blob, Raise Dead, and Magic Wood.
  • Bluff and deception - summon creatures as illusions for 100% success, and use Disbelieve spell on suspected enemy illusions.
  • Manipulate the balance of the Cosmos between Law and Chaos to your advantage.
  • Procedurally generated 3D battle arenas with various types of terrain, and different levels of elevation.
  • Multiple game modes, including Classic Chaos mode - fully random battle set-up with random selection of spells.

But the game also features realm exploration which will change and warp day by day and with other player input. Find gear and more spells by hunting around in the wilderness and crafting your own enormous spell tome.

Spell Screen

This of course means that you can upgrade your Wizards and make them masterful maestros of the magical forces around them. It looks like a lot of fun and the turn based nature of the game lends itself to tactical and strategic play.


For all my talk of loving Dwarves and such I do enjoy a bit of Wizarding now and then. This game looks like it could be a great project to get behind and seems to be drawing on all the right bits of the classic it is looking to reinvent.

The game kind of reminds me of Wiz-War which is a neat game from Fantasy Flight. I imagine the board game itself probably took some cues from the original Chaos back in the day with its original release.

Will you dive in to this world of wizardry now or wait for the final release?

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