Paint Your Own Digital Minis In New PC Game, Moonbreaker!

August 25, 2022 by brennon

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Brandon Sanderson introduced a brand new PC game he has been working on with Unknown Worlds (creators of the hit game, Subnautica). Moonbreaker is coming to early access on PC soon and allows you to dive into a bright and wild digital miniatures game on your computer.

Moonbreaker - Unknown Worlds

Moonbreaker // Unknown Worlds

Moonbreaker is a tactical turn-based strategy game where you will take command of a Captain and their Crew and battle it out on different maps, hoping to win the day thanks to your choice of roster and your tactical know-how.

Gameplay #1 - Moonbreaker

Gameplay // Moonbreaker

All of the Crews and Captains that you can choose from in-game are unlocked through progression and as you grow and develop your skills, you'll get access to different characters that offer up more combinations.

Reveal Trailer // Moonbreaker

As you'll see in the trailer above, it feels a whole lot like picking a warband or squad for a regular ol' miniature wargame on the tabletop.

Gameplay #2 - Moonbreaker

Gameplay // Moonbreaker

What takes Moonbreaker to the next level though and indeed caught our eye, was the fact that you get to customise and paint your miniatures. There is a robust system included in Moonbreaker for "painting" your miniatures in whatever way you see fit.

Painting Miniatures - Moonbreaker

Painting Miniatures // Moonbreaker

I love that they have well-known techniques built into the system like airbrushing, stippling, dry brushing and washing. From the trailer, it seems like the system works quite nicely and it will be fun to see what people create. Lurid pink. Let's make everything lurid pink.

The game will have a full-on competitive mode built in so you can pit yourself against others on the internet but it will also feature solo play. Procedurally generated "Cargo Runs" will allow you to test yourself against the AI and could also work as a testing ground for your skills used against opponents online.

As mentioned, Moonbreaker is going to be in Early Access from late September so it might be worth giving this a shot to see if it manages to recreate that miniature wargaming feel on the PC!

What do you think?

"I love that they have well-known techniques built into the system like airbrushing, stippling, dry brushing and washing..."

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