Virtual Tabletop Mark Of War Marches Onto Kickstarter

August 26, 2014 by brennon

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Mark of War has begun its funding on Kickstarter and they are looking for a princely sum but it could be well worth it. I think that the game is shaping up very nicely and it would be good to see this become a reality...

Battle #1

Battle #2


Tabletop View

As you can see the graphics have come on a little bit since the early screenshots and you can really tell what they're trying to achieve here. The team behind the game are all tabletop wargamers and they are making sure to keep the game within the spirit of our hobby. Models will still be 'based' and you'll be customising your army to fit your liking.

  • Easy to Play / Hard to Master - Simple controls with an intuitive interface ensure easy accessibility so players can focus on mastering the deep strategies of the game.
  • Fast & Tactical - Battles will be fast and bloody, but also filled with deep strategy and tactics requiring even the most grizzled commanders to think twice.
  • Turn-Based - Plan your moves, control the battlefield, exploit your enemies’ weaknesses and crush your opponents with turn-based gameplay.
  • Tabletop Feel - With models on bases, templates used for area attacks, and loads of dice being rolled, Mark of War will bring the complete tabletop wargaming experience to the PC.
  • Collecting - Battle, adventure, trade, and craft to unlock hundreds of troops, spells, weapons, and armor to add to your personal collection.
  • Build an Army - Build an army of troops, knights, war machines, monsters, and more to destroy your foes. Choose which spells your wizards will use and equip your heroes with powerful magic weapons and armor.
  • Customization - Choose the colors of your army, the patterns of their standards, the music they march to war with, and even the dice you roll.
  • Living World - See your army come to life as it marches upon the battlefield. Hear your units and heroes issue commands, and witness the devastating spells of your wizards.
  • Competitive Play - Focusing on competition and game balance Mark of War will feature competitive play, ranked games, hosted events, and Grand Tournaments with prizes.

Knight Miniature

Orc Miniature

As an added extra alongside the game, soundtrack and more they also have some physical rewards for backers. Stretch goals will add more armies and modes to the mix while, since its a tabletop game, you'll also be wanting some proper miniatures to paint! You can see the Knight and Orc above.

See what you think of their campaign.

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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