Warhammer 40,000 – Brutal Chaos Characters Take Command

April 8, 2019 by brennon

Games Workshop is making sure that you have more command options when it comes to playing games with your Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000.

Leading the way is the terrifying Master Of Executions.

Master Of Executions - Warhammer 40,000.jpg

This brutal looking fellow is all about murdering Loyalists and anyone else who might get his way. His real focus is as a close combat powerhouse, charging into battle to hunt down enemy leaders and cut their heads from their shoulders.

He is clad in skins, leather, and bones. I quite like the miniature as a whole but I'm not sold on his face.

Dark Words & Dark Deeds

As well as this close combat murder machine, we have one of those calling up power to the Dark Gods. Say hello to the Dark Apostle and his followers.

Dark Apostle - Warhammer 40,000.jpg

I love the over-the-top nature of these sculpts. The servants are cool as a starting point, but the flaming, bleeding book of the Dark Apostle is an awesome new addition to the Chaos Space Marine line-up.

A New Lord

Obsidius Mallex is also coming to the tabletop. Following on from the events of Blackstone Fortress, he now has a chance to take command on the battlefield.

Chaos Lord - Warhammer 40,000.jpg

His slow and purposeful pose makes for an intimidating figure and that hammer is just...well...amazing. I love that as a choice of weapon and you can imagine the power it brings with it as it crushes through the armour of his foes.

"I love the over-the-top nature of these sculpts..."

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