Community Spotlight: Caped Crusaders, Inspired Swordsmen & Fiery Space Marines

February 10, 2017 by crew

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We delve back into the realm of Hobby & Painting today as we venture forth to find out what painting you fellows have been able to accomplish over the past few days. Tis quite the quest, to be sure, but you are all valiant heroes of the paint and brush and do us proud!

Let's dive in and see what stories can be told with the painted heroes and villains you've been working on.

Nasier Ashmen Swordsman by mamx44

Leading the way we have some work inspired by Wrath of Kings Week. mamx44 has been pushing on to try and paint up his Nasier force and this is the work on one of the Ashmen Swordsmen.

Ashmen Swordsman #1 by mamx44

We're really liking what we're seeing here with plenty of fine detail work going through, a nice bit of shading and the bright red of the mask working as a stark contrast to the rest of the dark model.

Ashmen Swordsman #2 by mamx44

The Nasier are one of the factions that really provide you with a striking view into the world of Wrath of Kings, blending that Samurai aesthetic with Fantasy elements. Kudos on the scenic base too as it really helps to ground the model!

Space Marines & Legion Of The Damned by krautwerk

Community member krautwerk started his forum topic showing off some scenic shots of his own Space Marine Chapter, the Exorcists, and his Legion of the Damned a while back but now he's delving back in with some more finished projects for his growing force.

Exorcist Space Marines #1 by krautwerk

While it's neat to see plenty of models shot on their own so we can see how the paint job has turned out it's also good to see battle shots, placing the models in the worlds they inhabit, since it's such a big part of why we play the games we do.

For example, these Legion of the Damned look great but they look even cooler when they're walking down an street in the Imperium, the imposing form of the Dreadnought looming over those who stand against them.

Legion of the Damned #2 by krautwerk

The work on the Chaplain there is rather impressive and we love, even from a little further back, that you can see the glow emanating from that skull mask. The Legion of the Damned really are incredibly cool!

We finish off with another of his projects as we get a look at this Land Raider painted up in the colours of the Exorcists.

Exorcist Space Marine Landraider #3 by krautwerk

Now that is quite the marvel. It looks like it's come from the front cover of a metal album and we like to imagine that the Space Marines inside might have some music blaring through their vox channels as they ride into battle. Hymns be damned!

Zombicide Heroes by silverstars

We then dive into some Zombicide as we look at the work that silverstars has been doing on some of the characters from the game. Kicking things off let's take a look at Medieval Batman!

Medieval Batman (Zombicide) by silverstars

That truly is a fantastic paint job on this fellow and he looks the part of the Caped Crusader, lost in this alternative timeline. You might not know this but Batman has indeed travelled back in time and fought through the eras as a Pirate and more!

It's always a challenge with models like this as there is usually one unifying colour that you need to translate across the whole model. We think silverstars has done a great job of making sure it doesn't just look like a big dark blue blob! Special kudos should go to the work on the fur and all his accessories which show up nicely.

In a clash of popular culture, you can, of course, have Medieval Batman fighting alongside Xena too if you like.

Xena (Zombicide) by silverstars

Once again, some superb work from silverstars showing off just what you can when it comes to pimping up your board games. It reminds us that we should really get back to painting up more of our sets using our quick method. If silverstars can do such a good job here we have no excuse.

So there you have it, a great selection of interesting projects from the community. Make sure to continue to create your own topics in the Hobby & Painting Forum and take us along with you as we venture off into new projects and beyond.

What have you been working on?

"You might not know this but Batman has indeed travelled back in time and fought through the eras as a Pirate and more!"

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