Captain America & Iron Man Suit Up For Warhammer 40k!

December 25, 2014 by brennon

A rather awesome chap by the name of Stephen Notley painted up these awesome looking Imperial Knights and while it's certainly not new it's very cool and thought we'd show it off!

Captain America Imperial Knight

Captain America Imperial Knight (Close-Up)

Iron Man Imperial Knight

Iron Man Imperial Knight (Close-Up)

Above you can check out both Captain America (with his rather awesome shield) and Iron Man with a few Stark Industries markings for good measure too. I think he's done a great job on both of the Imperial Knights and it's cool to see someone do something different with them.

All it made me think when I saw them is where are Hulk and Thor?! Surely they've got to be done in order to make for a fabulous fearsome foursome on the tabletop?

What do you think of these Avenger Knights?

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