The Custodes Clash With Xenos Cults For Warhammer 40,000

May 16, 2022 by brennon

Games Workshop is catching up on its releases for Warhammer 40,000 with a brand new Combat Patrol set popping up for the Adeptus Custodes this weekend. Pre-orders are going live for both that set and a pair of heroes.

Combat Patrol Adeptus Custodes - Warhammer 40000

Combat Patrol - Adeptus Custodes // Warhammer 40,000

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This set has been designed to work with Combat Patrol-scale engagements on the tabletop. You have three Vertus Praetors rushing into the fighting alongside a squad of Custodian Guard. You also have options to build a miniature as a Shield-Captain and also as a Vexilus Praetor. There are also ten Sisters Of Silence that complete the Talons Of The Emperor that can be built as Witchseekers, Vigilators or Prosecutors. Plenty of shining gold is on display here!

Returning Warhammer 40,000 Characters

As well as the new Combat Patrol, you can also pick up two re-released miniatures for the Adeptus Custodes and the Genestealer Cults.

Blade Champion - Warhammer 40000 MAY

Blade Champion // Warhammer 40,000

The Blade Champion is a seriously powerful melee addition to your army. Effectively a one-man wrecking ball, the Blade Champion can switch up his stance in order to combat various foes. Monster or ravening horde, the Blade Champion can deal with it all.

If you want to stop your opponents in their tracks or bring a building down on their heads, you also have the Reductus Saboteur.

Reductus Saboteur - Warhammer 40000 MAY

Reductus Saboteur // Warhammer 40,000

Set up explosives around the battlefield and send your foes into disarray. She is a pretty awesome miniature and it was nice to see the Genestealer Cults getting something new to add to their roster. They are quite the finesse army on the tabletop but one that can be very rewarding. I do like the idea of the Cults appearing from all over the place and ambushing their foes before they know what's happened.

These new releases are going to be available to pre-order from this Saturday so watch out for them hitting webstores!

Are you tempted to check these out?

"These new releases are going to be available to pre-order from this Saturday..."

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