New Dark Eldar Succubus Enters Battle For Warhammer 40k

September 29, 2014 by brennon

El Descanso Del Escriba has a few more sneak shots of what's coming character wise for Games Workshop's Dark Eldar as September comes to an end. See what you think of the new Succubus miniature up close and a clearer shot of that Archon...


Succubus (Close)

Archon (New)

As you can see by the quality these have come directly from previews and the inside of the digital version of the codex showing off some of the very nice paint schemes as well as the miniatures. Once again when it comes to the Archon in the final image I'm not impressed. A very static pose that while looking like he's 'commanding' doesn't really evoke the lithe nature you'd be used to seeing with Dark Eldar figures.

In contrast the Succubus is much better, running towards the action with her whip flying out behind her. A rather cool looking sculpt that fits in well with the existing Wyches set and mirrors the design of them well. Her distinctive hair style and larger weapon however keep her separated from the crowd.

Some rather cool additions to the Dark Eldar army and of course I'm sure there will be much more as the week unfolds.

Now bring on Bretonnians and Chaos please!

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