Even Ed Sheeran Got In On The Space Marine Release!

June 15, 2015 by brennon

This post comes a little out of the blue but thanks to a friend of mine from the community @drahima we got a glimpse of what Ed Sheeran gets up to backstage! Over on his instagram he took a bit showing off him making some Space Marines...

Ed Sheeran's Space Marines

As he says...

"Dressing room warhammer makin' sesh. I feel 9 again..."

It looks like he's even picked himself up a Bloodthirster potentially underneath that box although I can't quite make it out.

A rather funky image that certainly made me smile this afternoon!

In The Grim Dark Of Pop Stardom There Is Only Plastic Crack

""Dressing room warhammer makin' sesh. I feel 9 again...""

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