Fantasy Flight Take Your Last Testament for Only War

October 16, 2012 by brennon

Only War could possibly be one of the most exciting role-playing games to come out of both Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop. While we have previously enjoyed being Space Marines, Chaos Herestics and Inquisitorial Henchmen Only War puts you in the boots of a common Imperial Trooper. Now they have released their first adventure supplement, Final Testament...

Only War - Final Testament

Final Testament does what all role-playing games in the 41st Millennium do well and put you right at the heart of the conflict. You will be helping the Imperium of Mankind fight back against the Severan Dominate on Hervara and experience the consequences of your actions, be they for good or ill.

I played through the demo adventure for Only War with my friends a while back now and I can safely say everyone had fun. It's very different from all the other role-plays out there but still retains the same basic system allowing you to easily transfer from one to the other. Grabbing this adventure should be a must for anyone.

Will you be heading to Hervara?

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