Forge World Preview Future Hives Of Necromunda

March 1, 2018 by dracs

It seems that in the future you will be able to take your Necromunda gangs to whole new hive cities as Forge World give us a peek at what is in store.

Eye of Selene

The Eye of Selene appears to be some sort of space station, mixing scifi tech with the high gothic architecture of a cathedral. It's very in keeping with 40k and could make for an interesting setting for a game.

The update on Warhammer Community mentioned a few other potential settings.

You may have conquered the underhive – but you’ve only just begun your journey in Necromunda – but the Palatine Hive is just the beginning. In the future, you’ll be able to travel to other hives, each replete with their own set of dangers – from the silent, corpse-choked waste grounds of Hive Mortis, to the Genestealer-infested ruins of Hive Secundus, to even Gothruls’s Needle, a rare democratic city-state in the nightmarish future of the 41st Millennium.

I would be particularly interested in seeing Genestealer cults make their sinister way into the game. They are a shadowy faction, which will suit well the underhanded conflicts of Necromunda.

What new settings can you think of for Necromunda games?

"Mixing Sci-Fi tech with the high gothic architecture of a cathedral..."

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