Forge World Help Your Space Marines Get A Head of the Rest

June 15, 2014 by dracs

Forge World have some new alternative conversion pieces to help you personalize your Space Marines, with new head options for the Imperial Fists, Word Bearers and World Eaters.

Imperial Fists MkIII Heads

Word Bearer Heads MkIV

World Eater Mk II Veteran Heads

Each of these head options are recognisable as bearing the motifs of their respective chapters, and display a superb level of detail that will help the Space Marines stand out.

Along with their heads, the Word Bearers are also getting some new torsos.

Word Bearer MkIV Torsos

Word Bearers

Together with the new heads, these torsos will help you to turn your Space Marines into an army of these fanatical heretics.

Which Space Marine chapter is your favourite?

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