Forge World’s Mechanicum Bring Out The Destructors

February 26, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have some more awesome looking Mechanicum miniatures ready to roll off the production line and this time the Myrmidon Destructors have bolted on their various ranged and melee weapons ready to protect the Machine God...

Myrmidon Destructors

Myrmidon Destructors (Scale)

As you can see these are rather towering individuals who are benefiting from their extensive bionic enhancements in order to take control of the battlefield and make sure no one gets near their precious technology. You get a variety of weapons in the set...

"...volkite Culverin, photon thruster Cannon and conversion beamer"

...yeah I don't know what any of those are but they all sound really, really cool. I was discussing this with a friend and we thought they would make pretty cool stand in Terminators for a different style of Space Marine force or even Centurions if you were so inclined.

Will you be giving yourself over to the Machine God?

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