GW Bring New Magazine Subscription Service To 40K

March 5, 2018 by stvitusdancern

With all of the different subscription services available for gamers, it was just a matter of time that GW (Games Workshop) would jump back in.

If you remember some years back they had a subscription service Battle Games for Lord of the Rings. Now they are back in with Warhammer 40k Conquest and have teamed up with Hachette Partworks to administer the service. I have to say I am rather impressed with the information so far.

They have previewed the first four issues and the items that you will receive with them are really nice from Space Marines, Death Guard Marines along with paints and brushes. There will be other accessories included as well.

As of now it is only available in the UK (Boo) and there are eighty issues planned. Why not hop on over and take a look for yourself and see if this is something you would like.

It's looking like another interesting way to get into the hobby...

"...I am rather impressed with the information so far"

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