GW Reveal More House Escher & Fabius Bile Coming Soon To 40K?

March 10, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop put out their previews from GAMA this week and at the head of it was the news of the next book for those diving into Necromunda. House Of Blades is coming to support those of you playing as House Escher with all new models and plenty more to support the faction.

Necromunda House Of Blades - Games Workshop

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House Of Blades works in much the same way as House Of Chains in that it gives you additional background information on the gang in question (in this case Escher) plus loads of new options when building the gang for use in gameplay. Of course, this means new rules for new miniatures and we start with the terrifying-looking Death Maidens.

Death Maidens - Games Workshop

The Death Maidens are very creepy indeed. They have been returned to life through the use of dark science and are then able to serve their gangs once more. I would imagine that even those within House Escher view them with some trepidation. I do like the look of them though and there is something decidedly Sci-Fantasy about them which I love.

As well as these warriors brought back to life, we also have the Wyld Runners who are the explorers of House Escher. They come armed with some deadly equipment that wouldn't look out of place as part of a Drukhari raiding party. I do love the mix of bows and arrows here! Why rely on a gun when a good archer can take down anyone if they're quick enough?

Wyld Runners - Games Workshop

I really like both sets of new miniatures for House Escher and I have a feeling unless sometime else pops up to change my mind, I'd have to plump for them as a force if I was diving into Necromunda. I like the splash of colour throughout their gang, their slightly more esoteric weapons and the fact that you get to paint a bunch of badass ladies doesn't hurt!

Supporting the Wyld Runners in their endeavours you've also got this rather strange creatures, the Phelynx.

Phelynx - Games Workshop

As you might imagine, these weird creatures from the depths of the Underhive are employed by House Escher to hunt down other gang members and claw them to death! Again, they look like they would be insanely fun to paint and that's another good reason to look at House Escher as your gang of choice.

Valiant Knights

As well as the news from the Underhive, we also got word of a new book and miniatures for Adeptus Titanicus. A new variety of options are coming out to help you build miniature versions of the Knight-Acheron & Knight-Castigator.

Knight-Acheron & Knight-Castigator - Games Workshop

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They will also be a good fit for those diving into the next campaign book for Adeptus Titanicus, The Defence Of Ryza.

The Defence Of Ryza - Games Workshop

This book will give you the chance to forge your own Legios or master a legendary one from the background plus you'll find a bunch of new Titan battles from The Horus Heresy. You can join the Loyalists of Traitors and get ready for more Engine Kill!

War Of The Spider

On top of the information for the other two specialists games, we also got a peek at the next character to be introduced into the expanding storyline of Psychic Awakening. This fellow here is a servant of a particular Chaos favourite.

Fabius Bile Assistant - Games Workshop

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War Of The Spider is the title of the next book which hints to the addition of more Aeldari into the mix but it also seems that we're going to be getting the one-and-only Fabius Bile entering the fray. Here you can see one of his servants extracting the gene-seed from a dead Ultramarine. I can't wait to see what horrific things Fabius Bile has done in service to the power of the Dark Gods.

What do you think of these new previews?

"I can't wait to see what horrific things Fabius Bile has done in service to the power of the Dark Gods..."

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