Games Workshop’s Preview Store Anniversary Models For Next Year

June 19, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop is looking ahead to the new Store Anniversary Models which are going to be popping up at Warhammer Stores throughout the next year. We start with my favourite of the two, Larissa Shadowstalker for Age Of Sigmar players.

Larissa Shadowstalker - Games Workshop

This new Knight-Questor has been sent by Sigmar himself on some honourable quest. She carries a double-bladed stormstrike glaive in one hand and the other is open, calling her foe into a one-on-one challenge.

She seems like an awesome character to throw into the mix for those looking to create a more unique Stormcast Eternal force on the tabletop. Also, with Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound on the horizon and skirmish games like Warcry, she would make a great character to throw into the mix on both counts.

Stormstrike also comes with rules for monster hunting, making her a warrior that is adept at cutting down characters and mighty beasts alike.

Chainsword In The Nervous System?

Turning to the world of Warhammer 40,000 we also have Space Marines Sergeant Jovan.

Space Marines Sergeant Jovan - Games Workshop

Jovan is taking a break here after a bloody battle with Orks, his chainsword lodged in the skull of a dismembered Ork. His power armour is pock-marked with bullets that he has weathered as he charged forward into the front lines.

As well as the model getting it's smaller 'gaming' base it also comes with a larger 40mm base which is for those looking to create a larger vignette. I can imagine Jovan is going to pop up in as a Golden Demon miniature next year.

Whilst he has been painted here as an Ultramarine I reckon he'd work really well as a Blood Angel. Also, with a head swap and some additional accessories, you could even work him into a Space Wolf or Black Templar army too.

Exclusive Accessories

As well as the miniatures, you'll also be able to snap up some special goodies like this Backpack...

Backpack - Games Workshop

...which comes with either a 40K or Age Of Sigmar icon that you can stick to the back or Ammo Tin. I have no idea what's inside this set but it looks cool, right?

Ammo Tin Box - Games Workshop

Art prints, books and more are also going to be available so watch out for these releases at a store near you.

If you don't get a chance to pick up one of these models from stores you can also order them on the day and they will be sent to the store at a later date. You can track when your local store's anniversary is HERE.

Will you be watching out for your store's anniversary?

"This new Knight-Questor has been sent by Sigmar himself on some honourable quest..."

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