Gaunt’s Ghosts Return Among Black Library December Releases

September 7, 2017 by dracs

Black Library have peered into the future to reveal the books to be released in December, starting with the return of an old favourite. The first book on the list is Warmaster, the latest story in Gaunt's Ghosts.


This is the first Gaunt's Ghosts novel in six years and sees them returning to the command of the Second Sabbat Wars with vital information. A lot of fans will be happy to see the return of Gaunt, and even more so with the release of a crafted super special edition.

Of course, Gaunt isn't the only legendary figure to appear as Fabius Bile is back to cause chaos.


This second novel in the series following the feared Primogenitor sees him once again brought into the scheming of his old Legion.

Fabius Bile is one of the most fascinating and horrendous figures in 40k and this is a series I do want to look more into. Plus, who can say no to that face?

For the next 40k foray we return to the heroes of the imperium as Sergeant Zachariah of the Elysian Drop Troops drops into Renegades of Elysia.

Renegades of Elysia

In this upcoming audio drama, the sergeant becomes entangled regimental feuding, culminating in him once again ending up in the thick of trouble.

Finally, we head back to the Horus Heresy and the Primarch Vulkan in Old Earth.

Old Earth

Here Vulkan is faced with a choice between justice and duty; shall he pursue and fight the traitors who have hurt his legion, or will he return to Terra and defend the Imperium's home world?

Which of these books do you most want to read?

"The first Gaunt's Ghosts novel in six years..."

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