Community Spotlight: Ginny Greenteeth, Apocalyptic Basing & A Reaver For Cause

October 27, 2017 by lancorz

This week my partner in crime is off to Essen so I'm going to have to take the reigns on this Community Spotlight once more. We've had some epic pieces turning out on the Hobby & Painting Forum, not to mention the other forums too!

Ol' Ginny Greenteeth by antimatter

Our friend antimatter from Antimatter Games doesn't post often, but I wish he did more, the astounding effort shown on this DeepWars model Ol' Ginny Greenteeth is something to marvel at.

Not only does he capture the flow of water with the hair but the attention to detail especially on the base is great, you get a real sense of coral decay over the years down in the ocean. Plus the cute little characters surrounding the feet are reminiscent of old Disney animated drawings.

Great work antimatter, don't be a stranger now! We'd love to see and hear more on DeepWars!

Apocalyptic Basing from deadturps

We've seen a lot of hobby logs being produced in the forums now, which is a spectacular sight. What we love more is when the community members keep them updated with regular progression. deadturps has a fantastic thread and even more fantastic basing skills as shown here on these Walking Dead: All Out War minis.

I particularly love the attention to detail on the basing, how one walker is standing right on the edge of a ditch beside the road, almost like it's waiting to cross. Plus let's not forget those beautifully designed and stained newspapers with THE DEAD WALK as their headlines.

Perhaps it's the sculpt or the paint job but I'd like to point out that Rick has a sort of Blue Steel thing going on in this shot, bonus points awarded!

A Reaver For Evelyn by tommiesoule

Tommie has been working his socks off these last few months on what has been a project of epic proportions. The Reaver from 40k has been in the works with immense attention to detail and it's all for a special cause. A combined effort from Szen Ong & Tommie Soule have been painting this piece in aid for children affected by cancer. If you would like to win this model you can buy into the raffle here.

The powerful red and black contrast should be an epic piece to have on your tabletop, the attention to detail on rusting certain areas of the model really gives that story of fighting many battles over the years and perhaps used as a weapon of intimidation against the enemies. I adore the minor details such as the screensaver on the monitor inside the cockpit.

What an amazing turnout this week, we're blown away in the studios and it's getting even more difficult to choose Golden Button Awards now with the skill we see on a weekly basis. If you would like to join in for your chance to win a Golden Button Award, not to mention a slot on the front page of Beasts of War, get your own project thread up n' running on the Hobby & Painting Forums.

Whether you're new to the hobby or an experienced professional, we want to see it all. Your creativity fuels our creativity.

Happy Painting & Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!

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