Heroes Make Their Mark On The Latest Dark Eldar Releases

October 4, 2014 by brennon

The latest raft of Dark Eldar release has been focused in on some more heroes and the specialised aspects of the army from Games Workshop. This week brings out the pre-orders for their Haemonculus Coven Codex alongside the Succubus and Archon HQ units...

Haemonculus Covens

The first focus of the new selection of pre-orders is the newest supplement for the Dark Eldar army that concentrates its efforts on the Haemonculus Covens. This book contains rules allowing you to use an army focused on these flesh workers of the army as well as a selection of new scenarios and more rules to make them the focal point of your collection. Considering how cool and vibrant the work on Dark Eldar can be this sounds like it could be a good buy for those obsessed with the dark arts.



As well as the supplement focusing in on the Haemonculus Coven there are also some new releases for the rest of the Dark Eldar army. The first is the Succubus (pictured first) that is quite the cool looking addition to a Wych based army. She embodies most of the dynamism that you've come to expect of the Dark Eldar and is a new take on an old sculpt that we've seen in previous editions.

The Archon on the other hand is rather a poor offering from Games Workshop. As I mentioned when the leaks appeared it certainly has the dominating and overbearing aspect of the Dark Eldar down but I think it lacks the lithe deadliness that we are used to seeing from this faction in Warhammer 40,000. It looks far too relaxed for an army that's meant to be raiding and pillaging Real Space.

Overall a rather cool addition when it comes to the Haemonculus Coven and the Succubus is a great HQ unit but sculpting wise I think it's a no go area when it comes to the Archon.

What do you think?

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