Community Spotlight: Iron Warriors, Brave Dwarves & Converted Space Marines

June 23, 2017 by crew

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Come and join us to take a look at some great new models that have been painted up this week by our community members in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

We've got a distinct flavour of the grimdark Warhammer 40,000 this week but we also couldn't pass up showing off some Dwarves too!

Iron Warriors by jay188

We start off with some sterling looking Iron Warriors which are part of a larger project by jay188. Here we see some of his standard troops that are going to be making up the rank and file of his army.

Iron Warriors #1 by jay188

The dull iron looks fantastic and it's highlighted by the dark red bases showing off a blasted battlefield. The little sparks of yellow and black showing the hazard markings on their gear help to break up the sea of metallics too.

This theme continues over onto one of his more specialised squads too.

Iron Warriors #2 by jay188

Again you can see that the scheme is working awesomely. I think that I would have dropped in a lighter colour for the weapons here, however, to make them stand out a little more but that's just my personal taste. Otherwise, this is a fantastic set of miniatures for a growing army which is worth taking another look at.

Thorin's Company by shadowandflame

We're now heading to Middle-Earth as we check out some of the work by shadowandflame who painted up this superb Thorin's Company for your Hobbit games.

Company Of Thorin by shadowandflame

The basing for these models has been done to represent the interior of Erebor and it works nicely against the armour of the various Dwarves. I like that all of their character has come out in the painting and they are very close to the designs from the movie, if not spot on.

While these models have divided opinion I think that when they're done in this way with a solid paint scheme they really do pop and look the part of heroic warriors in battle.

Converted Wolf Lord by bop3635

Last but not least we have a bit of a WiP model from bop3635 who has been working on his Primaris Space Marines and especially the Captain in Gravis Armour. However, this keen converter has turned him into a Wolf Lord for his Space Wolf army.

Converted Wolf Lord #1 by bop3635

This was the first look at the Wolf Lord showing off plenty of new additions like fur on the shoulder pads and across the midriff. Interestingly I didn't think that the weapons were going to work well between the two scales of Space Marine but it seems like it isn't too much of a problem.

After some chatter with the community, a few tweaks were made and this is a close-up of the more finished piece.

Converted Wolf Lord #2 by bop3635

A bit more tinkering and filing has been done here and there to add to the character of the model and now the next step is taking him to the painting table to get some colour down on him. We'll be following this one with interest to see how he turns out when the Space Wolf scheme has been applied.

Show Us Your Stuff!

We’ve been blown away by the work from the community once again and would love to see your work in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

All you have to do is head over to the forum linked above and start your own topic to start posting your work. It’s simple to upload photos of your work-in-progress and finished projects and we like seeing the process unfold.

We also don’t mind if you’re a newcomer to painting or a veteran. Everything you folks do inspires us to keep at it with our hobby and we have a wonderful community who like to get involved and share techniques.

What do you think of our entries to the hall of fame this week?

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