The Khan Rides to War with The Black Library

September 14, 2012 by brennon

Until now the White Scars haven't featured heavily in the Horus Heresy novels. That is until later on this month when the Khan will ride to war in Brotherhood of the Storm from The Black Library...

Brotherhood of the Storm

There are two versions of this long awaited addition to the Horus Heresy book line. The first is the basic edition above, which still features some amazing cover art.

Brotherhood of the Storm Hardback

The other was this, the Hardback version which also contains some great looking artwork that shows off the White Scars during the time of the Heresy. This book however is only going to be available for one week.

"Order a copy between 21st and 28th September and we will guarantee you a copy"

So will you be shelling out to know more about the world of the White Scars during the Horus Heresy?

You can check out more on the links above, and of course the video featuring the author himself.

What do you reckon to this new book?

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