Logan Grimnar Rides In Alongside New Warhammer 40k Books!

August 9, 2014 by brennon

The new selection of Games Workshop pre-orders have hit their webstore and as you might have expected there is a familiar face in Logan Grimnar with his Stormrider 'Chariot'. As well as that there's a new sourcebook for his Champions of Fenris and another book for Sanctus Reach called Maledictus...

Logan Grimnar on Stormrider

Champions of Fenris

Above are the miniature for Logan Grimnar and the Champions of Fenris book. The actual miniature of Logan Grimnar has grown on me and I actually like the sculpt but I still can't get past the silliness of the sled thing 'Stormrider'. It just doesn't look right to me and maybe it if had been some kind of full 'longship' I could have gone along with it but the stubbiness of it just doesn't work.

Champions of Fenris comes with new warlord traits and rules for making the Great Company of Logan Grimnar himself. The artwork is certainly very epic on the front cover.

Sanctus Reach - Maledictus

Maledictus continues the story of Sanctus Reach from the point of view of the Grey Knights that have been sent to deal with the threats to the sector by daemonic powers. Will the world be drowned in a sea of chaos or will the Grey Knights hold back the tide?

An interesting selection of pre-orders this week so it will be good to see what the rest of August has in store. Nagash anyone?

Have you been turned when it comes to Logan's sled?

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