Mighty Ogryns & Warmaster Horus Emerge For Warhammer 40k

March 12, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop's Imperial Guard are getting another big boost to their forces with a range of plastic Ogryns on the way to accompany this reboot of the forces of mankind. See what you think of the sneaky leaks we picked up from around the web.

Ogryn Leader

Ogryn #1

Ogryn #2

First up we have a look at the standard Ogryns, or what I perceive to be the standard ones anyway. It looks like we'll be getting a standard set up weapon wise for these but with an update to the look bringing them more in line with the Ogre appearance from Warhammer. Tweak that again with that veteran looking Ogryn which could well be the special character Nork Deddog and maybe you can have an entirely Ogryn army?

Ogryn with Shield #1

Ogryn with Shield #2

You might well want to consider that once you see these rather burly looking Ogryns with shields and heavier armour. Interestingly when I was playing an Only War role-play one of the Ogryn characters did essentially pick up a shield like this. Maybe Games Workshop have been listening in?


On the other side of the coin we have this quad-cannon based tank that is most likely going to be an anti-air style affair enabling it to deal with flyers. While a new tank is awesome I still love the idea of these Ogryns at the moment. The look might be a bit Goonies but I think that adds to the potentially mutated idea behind some of the demi-humans.


Last but not least we have the Warmaster himself, Horus. When I shared this picture with a few friends of mine they all said that 'they had expected a bit more' and I can see what they mean when it comes to how dynamic some of the others have looked. However, he is the Warmaster and he is the calculated thinker rather than a barbarian warrior. He certainly looks like he is directing his troops at any rate.

What I'm waiting for is the duel diorama between Horus and the Emperor. Now THAT is going to be a collectors item worth having.

What do you think of all these goodies?

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