First Look At New Look Rogue Trader Pops Up From Games Workshop

May 11, 2018 by brennon

As far as teasers go, this one is rather fun. Games Workshop has responded to some leaks that popped up this week with a new teaser trailer for Rogue Trader which will be coming to your tabletop later this year.

Rogue Trader Title

The teaser trailer above shows off two clashing sides, one Imperial and the other either tied into Mutants or some Dark God like Nurgle (which seems to be the prevailing theory). It looks like another one of their boxed games with tiles, some 3D terrain and plenty of plastic.

Rogue Trader Large #1

It's looking rather awesome indeed and certainly speaks to a lot of the old school models that existed back in the day - now with a very much updated aesthetic. I can already hear people going a little bit crazy for these considering how well people have received Necromunda.

Rogue Trader Large #2

The real interesting aspect of this comes in the choice of name. If you're going with Rogue Trader then you're going to set some expectations of this being a game which should not only be skirmish based (as it seems to be) but even has an element of the role-playing game about it.

Imperial #1 - Rogue Trader

The models are certainly looking stunning, as you'd expect from Games Workshop to be honest. The Imperial characters we've seen in the video have a very cool archaic look to their design as if they've been ripped from the art of John Blanche.

Imperial #2 - Rogue Trader

The mutants also have a much more terrifying feel to their design. I really like how these hulking brutes are coming across. Faces coming out of strange places and mouths everywhere sounds very much like old-school Warhammer 40,000.

Mutant #1 - Rogue Trader

I would imagine that we're going to be seeing an Imperial ship having to deal with some kind of Chaos manifestation aboard their ship.

Mutant #2 - Rogue Trader

No doubt Warhammer Fest is going to provide some more answers this weekend and of course, we'll make sure to drop any information we find on this game onto the website for you.

So, what do you think of the new Rogue Trader?

"If you're going with Rogue Trader as a name then you're going to set some expectations..."

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