The Tau Get Tactical With New Fire Warrior Breacher Team

October 17, 2015 by brennon

The Tau continue to attack in earnest with some new models for The Greater Good in Warhammer 40,000. First off Games Workshop have the dangerous and tactically minded Fire Warrior Breachers who are fierce close quarters fighters armed with all manner of different weapons.

Breach & Clear

You would never have thought that the Tau would get up close and personal. That's certainly something that Farsight would approve of but who would have thought the rest of the Empire would subscribe to it later on down the line.

Breacher Team Leader

Admittedly the Tau do constantly evolve their battlefield tactics to counter the tactics of their new enemies so with foes closing in and butchering them it makes sense that they now have a unit able to deal with that.

Tau Fire Warrior Breacher Team

The models look rather awesome and I like the bulkier armour giving them more protection as they blast their way into buildings and more.

Moving Defences

As well as the Breachers the Tau Empire are also making use of a nifty new piece of terrain. The Tidewall Rampart is a floating defence platform that is armed to the teeth with railguns and drones.

Tidewall Rampart

It also has an array of defence shields across the wall where your Fire Warriors can hunker down besides and fire from relative safety.

Tidewall Gun Platform

The floating nature of the defences mean that it could shift its positioning to counter threats from different angles. A rather nifty piece of kit.

Battles In A Box

As well as the Tau sets above they have put together two story driven boxed sets which pit the Tau Infiltration Cadre against Shadow Force Sloaq. Both of these sets have both a limited edition Ethereal and Space Marine Captain within...

Infiltration Cadre

"A deadly hunt is unfolding in the ash-choked ruins of Prefectia - as the Tau Empire invasion gathers steam, a hand-picked squad led by Shadow Captain Solaq is tasked with capturing the Tau Ethereal Aun’Do; no mean feat.

He must use every ounce of his skill and cunning as a Space Marine of the Raven Guard Chapter - Aun’Do carries a secret that could seal the fate of Prefectia once and for all."

Shadow Force Squad

"This booklet includes The Hunt For Aun’Do, the story of the Tau’s recovery of the Ethereal Aun’Do and Shadow Captain Solaq’s efforts to capture him; the Echoes of War, three missions depicting key conflicts during the hunt, and an awesome Army List featuring everything you need to field the included miniatures in games of Warhammer 40,000."

Say what you like about Games Workshop but I do like seeing these boxed sets which follow a narrative. It would be good to know if the missions within the boxes actually work with JUST the miniatures you see here. If they do then that's awesome and it could provide a nice way for someone to get into Warhammer 40,000.

Limited Edition Captain

The new Tau are looking particularly epic although it is a shame that the new boxed set doesn't include any of the Breachers. I get why they went with the stealth angle when it came to this narrative but it would have been ace to see the new Breacher Warriors facing off Space Marines.


Do you think you'll be picking up the new Tau and their terrain?

What do you think of the new Tau?

"I like the bulkier armour giving them more protection as they blast their way into buildings and more..."

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