Upgrade Your Armiger Knights Into Forge World’s Mighty Moirax

July 28, 2019 by dracs

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Forge World have a new set of Knight upgrades up for pre-order, turning the plastic Armiger Knights into powerful Mechanicum Moirax.

These sets give you new shoulder plates, leg armour, head options, and an extended carapace to bulk up the basic Armiger plastic kit, along with two sets of weapon options.

For battling at range, we have the Mechanicum Knight Moirax with Lightning Locks (above), while the Moirax armed with volkite veuglaire and Gyges siege claw is there for when it's time for close combat.

These new Knight variants mix manoeuvrability with heavy hitting power, making them a valuable addition to the Taghmata Omnissiah forces.

They are both available for pre-order from Forge World, and their rules can be downloaded from the website.

Would you include these in your Mechanicum battle congregations? 

"These new Knight variants mix manoeuvrability with heavy hitting power."

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