The Varagyr Coming Soon From Forge World + 40K Codex News

November 7, 2017 by brennon

Building on their armies of the Horus Heresy the folks at Forge World has shown off the coming Varagyr Terminators who would have fought alongside Leman Russ in his many battles.

Varagyr Terminators

Clad in the typical Cataphractii-Pattern Terminator Armour these Terminators also bring to the hobby table all manner of runes and trinkets that have become the character of the Space Wolves. Each of them looks and feels like an individual warrior with their own tales of prowess in battle.

As well as being useful in the Horus Heresy this set might work for a retinue that protects a Wolf Lord in the grimdark future too in Warhammer 40,000.

New Codexes

As well as this preview of the new Terminators for the Space Wolves there has been some light shone on what Codexes are coming next from Games Workshop. The Angels Of Death are protecting the Imperium...

Blood Angels & Dark Angels

...whilst massing against them are the forces of Chaos with a new Daemon Codex on the way.

Chaos Daemons

The Dark Angel and Blood Angel Codexes are going to close out 2017 with Codex Chaos Daemons then being the welcome into the new year. What a bloodsoaked way to welcome in 2018 right?

Are you going to be snapping up any of these goodies for yourself?

"What a bloodsoaked way to welcome in 2018 right?"

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