Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition Coming Soon?

April 29, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop have taken the ability to order the Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Book down from their webstore and of course this is sparking interest in the next iteration of the game coming over the next month or so...

6th Edition Rulebook

The rumours are that we're getting a new set which features the Blood Angels Space Marine chapter and the hordes of the Orks. The set is a bit slimmer than in the past according to the internet but I think it's a wait and see with this one.

Bell of Lost Souls have the run down on what could potentially be the order for releases as well...

April 26 - Wood Elves Week 1 Products Released

May 3rd - Wood Elves Week 2 Products Released

May 10th - Mystery Week ???

May 17th - 40K 7th Pre-orders

May 24th - 40K 7th Edition Released

...so if that's the case we really don't have long to wait until the new edition or indeed a tweaked version of 6th arrives on your tabletop. With this news it's also possible that we won't be seeing Warhammer Fantasy Battles this year but next now.

Do you think we're looking at a new edition soon?

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