SN Battle Reports: Warhammer 40,000 – Grey Knights Vs Chaos Demons

February 7, 2018 by crew

The team at SN Battle Reports crew have gifted us with an AWESOME battle report today as Grey Knights clash with Chaos Daemons in Warhammer 40,000.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the armies, story, battle, and photos.

Mission: No Mercy  Deployment: Dawn of War  Points: 2000pts

SN Battle Reports: Warhammer 40,000 - Grey Knights Vs Chaos Demons

The Titan Sword left an after image of its arc in Kaldor’s eyes as it severed the daemon clean in half. The vaguely avian abomination screeched as it faded back to the empyrean, its many eyes filled with incomprehensible hatred for all order. Planting his right boot, Draigo halted the swords progress and hefted his storm shield just as the daemon’s kin shot multi-coloured warp fire from its bizarre appendages.

Kaldor Draigo Art

The blue energy field of the storm shield glowed brightly as it sought to deny the unclean energies of the warp. Grand Master Kaldor Draigo was well versed in the ways of the daemon hunter and had unfettered access to the treasure trove of arcane and malefic knowledge the Grey Knights kept in their fortress-monastery on Titan. The sword, the gun and his potent psyker mind were tools in his arsenal that merely complemented his vast and encyclopaedic knowledge of his foe. He recognised the psychic spoor of the daemon and with his eidetic memory recalled its specific entry in the grimoires he and all his brothers spent decades memorising. "Den'oth Huskyraeth!" he intoned. At the sound of its true name, the daemon vanished as if it had never existed, banished for one hundred and one years and a day.

The vox net was alive with disciplined reports from his brotherhood that kept him well informed of the wider, strategic picture even as he clove another Tzeentchian flamer in two with the mighty Titan Sword. He rarely had to issue orders to his subordinates as they faultlessly carried out the task for which they had been created by the sigilite on The Emperor’s behalf near 10000 years ago. The sound of women’s laughter heralded a change in foe though he had known of their coming through his psychic powers well before his mundane senses knew of their approach.

Grey Knights Art

Female in form and oddly alluring, the servants of Slaanesh darted in with unnerving celerity, their movements more akin to a dance than their true murderous intent. Kaldor gave ground with a quick backward step, using his storm shield to deflect and his sword to parry as six daemonettes crowded round him seeking an opening in his guard. So predictable. Channelling his inner rage at their very existence and using his decades of training and centuries of experience he summoned forth a roiling wave of golden psychic fire that turned the screaming lot to ash.

Scanning quickly left and right he became aware that there were no more foes in his immediate vicinity, the sounds of battle died away and vox reports flooded in from his squads. The daemons had vanished just as quickly as they had appeared. The Grey Knights closed ranks and reloaded their weapons, the white crystalline shards that covered the daemon world’s surface like snow crushed under their armoured tread.

Tzeentch Art

The shards moved despite the lack of all wind on this accursed world, forming arcane sigils that confused and disorientated all who looked upon them. More warp filth was coming. How many waves would they have to beat back before the daemonic loci, the greater daemons, revealed themselves? A dozen? A hundred? The sons of Titan would fight on until the captains of Chaos' innumerable legions were banished back to the empyrean for only in the defeat of these avatars of the Chaos Gods could the horde be weakened enough for the second phase of the plan to be completed.

The Forces

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Daemon Army

++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Chaos – Daemons) ++
+ HQ +
Keeper of Secrets: Hysterical Frenzy, Symphony of Pain, Witstealer sword
+ Fast Attack +
Seekers: Daemonic Icon, Heartseeker, 6x Seeker
Seekers: Heartseeker, Instrument of Chaos, 6x Seeker
Seekers: Heartseeker, 6x Seeker
++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos – Daemons) ++
+ HQ +
Kairos Fateweaver
The Changeling: Gaze of Fate
+ Troops +
Horrors: 20x Pair of Brimstone Horrors
Horrors: 20x Pair of Brimstone Horrors
Horrors: 20x Pair of Brimstone Horrors
+ Elites +
5x Exalted Flamers

SN Battle Reports - Grey Knights Army

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium – Grey Knights) ++
+ HQ +

Lord Kaldor Draigo: 1: Daemon Slayer, Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary, Warlord
+ Troops +
Terminator Squad: Hammerhand
Grey Knight Terminator Justicar: Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm bolter
. 3x Terminator (Halberd): 3x Storm Bolter
Terminator (Psilencer): Nemesis Force Sword, Psilencer (Terminator)
Terminator Squad: Hammerhand
Grey Knight Terminator Justicar: Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm bolter
. 3x Terminator (Falchions): 3x Storm Bolter
Terminator (Psycannon): Nemesis Force Halberd, Psycannon (Terminator)
+ Heavy Support +
Land Raider Crusader: 2x Hurricane Bolter, Storm Bolter, Twin Assault Cannon
Nemesis Dreadknight: Dreadfist, Gate of Infinity, Gatling Psilencer, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword
Nemesis Dreadknight: Dreadfist, Gate of Infinity, Gatling Psilencer, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword
++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Imperium – Grey Knights) ++
+ HQ +
Brother-Captain: Nemesis Force Sword, Sanctuary, Soul Glaive, Storm Bolter
Librarian: Hammerhand, Nemesis Warding Stave, Sanctuary
Librarian: Hammerhand, Nemesis Force Halberd, Sanctuary
+ Elites +
Apothecary: Nemesis Force Halberd, Vortex of Doom

Welcome back to another Battle Report, and what a battle report we have in store! We have an epic showdown, a rivalry like no other! We have a battle between the Grey Knights and the new Chaos Daemons! In true 40k fashion, the SN Team opted to go right into a No Mercy Mission, because who doesn’t love a good bloodbath? To even out the game a little more, the SN Team decided that each Grey Knight HQ killed was worth 2 Victory Points instead of 1 Victory Point.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #1

Let’s also take a moment to admire the new crates which were prepared especially for this Battle Report! Once again, an awesome effort by the SN Members to make the table look gorgeous for this inaugural battle report for the new Chaos Daemons!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #2

The ruined buildings used for this battle mat fit the theme perfectly, showing signs of what once was a prosperous city. Amazing placement of the ruins allows for the roads to be seen perfectly, adding to the incredible thematic.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #3

And the first unit hitting the battlefield is one of Steven’s Dreadknights! This unit is especially nasty now in 8th, and is looking to put some serious hurt on Chema’s Daemons! Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful paint job on the Grey Knights, as well as the Chaos Daemons painted by Chema, this is shaping up to be an incredible match judging simply by the standard of miniatures on the battlefield!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #4

The Daemon’s deploy in a rank and file, the Brimstone Horrors in front of The Changeling, a Daemonic horror of Tzeentch.

He raises his staff, and in perfect timing, the Horrors let out a shrill screech, as if being given a signal by the consort of Tzeentch...

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #5

...and Kairos Fateweaver finally sets foot on the battlefield, what a gorgeous miniature! Credit where credit is due, an amazing paint job on Kairos which fits Chema’s army theme perfectly!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #6

The Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer now enters the fray, as the Grey Knight Marine stationed atop the vehicle begins to scan the battlefield, seeing the horde of Daemons as they materialize from the warp.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #7

The Seekers of Slaanesh deploy around the side of the crates, looking to flank the Grey Knights army, as they await the perfect opportunity to strike.

Turn 1 - Grey Knights

Steven manages to win the roll off with a +1 for deploying first. Chema attempts to seize the initiative but fails in doing so, and so we begin Turn 1 for the Grey Knights!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #8

The Terminators Deepstrike in with both Librarians and Brother Captain, before casting Hammerhand on them as well as Sanctuary during the Psychic Phase.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #9

Both Dreadknights await the arrival of the Daemon army, eagerly both dreads move up towards the daemon tide.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #10

The Land Raider Crusader moves forward in order to get in range of the Chaos Daemons. With this being the 8th Edition Daemons’ first appearance at the Studio, Steven needs to lay down as much fire and pick off as many targets as possible before they reach him, lest he falls victim to the malignant forces of Chaos.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #11

The unit of deep struck Terminators fire all of their Storm Bolters at the Brimstone Horrors, killing off 7 of them as the bolter shells strike the tiny Daemons with vengeance. This is despite The Changeling now giving all Tzeentch models within 9″ of him a 6+++ save with the Locus of Transmogrification, a rule which might turn out to be game-changing as the match progresses!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #12

Both the Land Raider Crusader and the Dreadknight closest to the Seekers units take aim at one of the units, looking to remove part of Chema’s forces in order to lessen the incoming damage in Chema’s first turn. The Land Raider fires its Twin Assault Cannon, with the Dreadknight firing all of its weaponry. The heavy torrent of anti-Daemon lead tears through the Seekers, both the Seekers and Steeds themselves collapsing to the ground in a bloody pulp. First Blood goes to Steven and the Grey Knights!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #13

The other Dreadknight instead focuses on Kairos, knowing that by removing the Greater Daemon, the forces of Chaos will be heavily hindered. Both weapons charged, the giant walker fires at Kairos, removing 5 whole wounds from the embodiment of Tzeentch!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #14

The Grey Knights, having had a good shooting phase and thinning a part of the Daemonic horde, attempts to multi-charge into the Brimstones and an Exalted Flamer. Steven, however, fails the charge roll and then attempts to reroll it with the use of a Command Point, but even so still fails. To add insult to injury, one of the Terminators falls to the Exalted Flamer during Overwatch.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #15

With 6 more Brimstones dying in the Moral Phase, Chema opts to use up 2 of his Command Points in order to gain an automatic pass on morale.

Turn 1 - Chaos Daemons

Chema’s forces of Chaos advance, slowly looking to engulf the Grey Knights and their feeble attempt to quash the hordes of Daemons from overtaking this world.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #16

The Flamers of Tzeentch deepstrike behind the enemy lines using the Denizens of the Warp Stratagem, the new Deep Strike mechanic for Chaos Daemons.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #17

The Seekers of Slaanesh begin their swift movement up the battlefield, led along by the equally quick Keeper of Secrets!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #18

The unworldly aberration which is The Changeling moves up the board, now every Tzeentch Daemon benefitting from the 6+++ rule. The Changeling surrounded by its denizens of the warp begins to channel Daemonic energies, the target in sight; Chema’s very own Flamers that deep struck in the movement phase. He casts Flickering Flames on the Flamers of Tzeentch, giving them a +1 to wound on any rolls made in the shooting phase. This makes the already potent Flamers even deadlier!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #19

The Greater Daemon of Tzeentch attempts to manifest psychic powers of his own, the energy from within swelling and rising to the surface as he begins to plan his upcoming round of devastation. Unfortunately for Kairos, the Brotherhood of Grey Knights are able to subdue him completely, not allowing even a single psychic power from being cast, with some very impressive rolls by Steven!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #20

The Keeper of Secrets glances at Kairos, the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh relishing in the failure of another Chaos God’s denizen. The Keeper of Secrets then targets the Dreadknight, and casts Smite at the towering walker, dealing a straight wound to it!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #21

With the Daemon forces already having taken losses, they understand that the best course of action is to focus down one of the Grey Knight units and remove it completely from the battlefield. With this in mind, three Exalted Flamers, as well as the deepstriking Flamers, focus fire on one of the Dreadknights. The Exalted Flamers choose to fire their Blue Fire of Tzeentch, making each one fire Heavy 3 shots at a much higher strength and -4 AP, incredibly good at removing heavily armoured units from the board! This, coupled with 33 shots coming from the Flamers of Tzeentch see the Dreadknight falling in one destructive turn! A Victory Point for the Daemons!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #22

Two other Exalted Flamers fire at the Terminators closest to them, managing to scorch one of them and removing him entirely, whilst removing one more wound from another one of them

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #23

The Seekers lead by the Keeper of Secrets move at a blindingly fast speed towards the Dreadknight, looking as if they are almost shifting in and out of reality. They charge at the Dreadknight, the pilot of the huge suit attempting to lock onto any target, but to no avail. Steven fails to hit anything in the Overwatch Phase, and the Keeper of Secrets finally gets to do what it loves to do; tear into enemies. Chema manages to do a massive 5 wounds to the Dreadknight, the Keeper of Secret’s vile Snapping Claw grabbing a hold of the metal plating of the Dreadknight, and, like a hot knife to butter, slices right through it, the Dreadknight pilot struggling to keep the now lumbering behemoth under control. Steven then uses 2 Command Points to strike back in combat before the Seekers do, but with a total of a -3 to hit, -2 coming from the damage sustained and another -1 coming from the Keeper of Secret’s rule Mesmerising Aura, Steven fails to hit with any of his attacks.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #24

With the Keeper of Secrets inflicting mass casualties unto the Dreadknight, the Seekers rally up and begin their barrage of attacks. Amazingly, the Dreadknight manages to survive despite the Seekers getting 50 attacks on it, with none of them wounding the Knight due to their low Strength. Having killed a second Dreadknight would have turned the battle in Chema’s favour greatly, as that would have been a lot of Steven’s punching power gone!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #25

Kairos opens his wings out and lets out an ear-splitting scream, rushing forwards towards the Terminators, as the hordes of Daemons watch their Warlord enter the fray and fight. The Terminators Overwatch at him, but fail to wound. With a slow, yet powerful strike of his Staff, he takes down two of the Terminators, the blow finally reaching the ground and making a sound like thunder, debris picked up in the surrounding area. The vengeful Terminators, now having seen fallen Brothers strike back at the Greater Daemon with righteous zeal, in turn dealing 2 wounds to him. What an absolute epic picture!

Turn 2 - Grey Knights

Onto Steven’s Turn 2, he disembarks the second unit of Terminators, accompanied by both Kaldor Draigo, and an Apothecary. These reinforcements are much needed after the fall of one Dreadknight, and can also be a turning point in the battle simply due to Draigo’s immense power!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #26

One of the Grey Knights then casts Sanctuary on the unit of Terminators, in order to increase their survivability for the oncoming rounds.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #27

The Grey Knight Dreadknight, realising that being in combat with a Keeper of Secrets was not the best place to be, falls back away from the oncoming Daemons, opening up the Chaos Daemons to any shooting the Grey Knights may have.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #28

All 4 units in Range of Kairos muster the powers from which the Daemons themselves came, and cast Smite onto the Greater Daemon. Smite onto Daemons causing 3 mortal wounds as opposed to just a single one meant that Kairos was in for a world of hurt! The Great Tzeentch Daemon was now left on just 1 wound!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #29

Within Rapid Fire range of the Brimstones, two of the characters fire at them, looking to remove yet another Daemon unit and gain another Victory Point! With 4 shots each, they tear through the remaining Brimstone Horrors and earn another Victory Point!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #30

The paint job on this Land Raider is amazing, as are the rest of the units on the board, but this has to be by far my favourite! The Land Raider split fires, with the Hurricane Bolters firing at the Seekers, slaying 4 of them from the unit, whilst firing the Twin Assault Cannon at the Keeper of Secrets, wounding 3 times. Chema however, passes all 3 wounds with a 5+ invulnerable save. Impressive rolling!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #31

The newly introduced unit of Terminators Rapid Fire their Storm Bolters at the other unit of Seekers, removing 5 in total, leaving only 2 remaining, the presence of Kaldor Draigo giving re-rolls to hit to any Grey Knight units within 6″ of him.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #32

And this is the board state before Steven’s Assault Phase. With the entire Daemon contingent flocking to their wounded Greater Daemon in an attempt to protect him, Kaldor Draigo and his retinue of Terminators find themselves somewhat stranded from the majority of the army. Across the battlefield, Draigo’s seeks Kairos, his senses sharpening as he sees where his efforts must be focused. However, through the dust, he notices the Daemon is wounded, and fighting him are more Grey Knight Terminators. Seeing this, he then focuses his efforts on the closer threat of the Keeper of Secrets and units of Seekers, with hopes of rallying to his Brothers later.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #33

The Nemesis Warding Stave armed Librarian channels his psychic powers into his weapon, empowering the end and his strike, as his eyes glow intensely, the blue tinge that once occupied the outer rims of his eyes now becoming an overpowering shade of what it once was. With the focused psychic energy, the end of the stave becomes sharper and deadlier than even the most fearsome blade. Emitting an intimidating shout, he charges at the Daemonic monster. Kairos notices this and swings his staff down, his grievous wounds slowing the creature’s strikes almost to a halt all the while causing him immense pain.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #34

The Librarian musters up all the power he can, to redirect Kairos’ heavy blow into the ground, the force of the strike then throwing Kairos off balance as the Librarian sees the opportunity to land the final blow. Holding the Halberd overhead, he jumps into the air almost effortlessly, the adrenaline of the situation flowing through him, he brings down the bladed edge of the Halberd unto the Daemon’s skull, the total momentum of the strike making light of flesh and bone alike, as he carves through the Greater Daemon with incredible ease, before landing and driving the Halberd through the chest of the creature, and wrenching it back out again. The life fades from Kairos’ eyes, as the towering fiend collapses into a pool of blood. Despite felling this beast, the Grey Knight wastes no time, consolidating into the next unit of Brimstones. Slay the Warlord for Steven and his Grey Knights!

The second unit of Terminators along with Draigo assault the closest unit of Seekers, with Draigo easily finishing them off even before the Terminators manage to strike in combat.

Turn 2 - Chaos Daemons

The Keeper of Secrets, seeing Draigo closing in on him, moves away from the Seekers in order to create a gap between itself and the Supreme Grand Master.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #35

Instead, it looks for the already wounded Dreadknight, in hopes of finally slaying it.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #36

The Daemonic cohort continues to advance into the Terminators and Librarians, looking to eradicate a large portion of the Grey Knights in one fell swoop. The Psychic Phase, unfortunately for Chema, follows suit with his previous turn, as Steven once again manages to deny all of his psychic powers! Definitely not Chema’s day!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #37

The Changeling lets out a shriek as its attempts to manifest psychic powers fail, enraging the nearby Daemons. The Exalted Flamers, hearing the scream, fire at both of the Librarians, their Daemonic fire proving too powerful even for the seasoned Librarians of the Grey Knights, as both of them fall! 4 Victory Points are marked off in favour of the Daemons due to the agreement made between the players that Grey Knight HQ’s were worth 2 Victory Points per kill. The third Exalted Flamer then follows, setting alight a Terminator as well! That’s a pretty good swing in Chema’s favour following his poor Psychic Phase!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #38

The Flamers of Tzeentch then target the Brotherhood Captain, the overwhelming amount of firepower setting ablaze the Grey Knight. Yet another 2 Victory Points over to Chema! Is the game starting to slip out of Steven’s hands?

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #39

The Keeper of Secrets then charges the Dreadknight, its Snapping Claws once again digging deep into the wiring and electronics of the Dreadknight, causing it to topple over, as the Grey Knight attempts to release itself from the harness, the Keeper of Secrets towers over the Marine, plunging its sword into him, the blood of the now fallen Grey Knight splattering onto the sword of the Keeper of Secrets.

Turn 3 - Grey Knights

The Terminators forge ahead towards the mass of Daemons up ahead, wrist mounter Storm Bolters aimed at the Brimstone Horrors as they move unrelentingly to the enemy. Removing more Brimstones from the unit, the Land Raider Crusader moves forward towards the mass of flamers and brimstone in the middle.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #40

They all fire and remove more Brimstones, the Landraider finishing off the unit as it cant fire at the Exalted Flamers as they are characters and were not the closest unit.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #41

As his Brothers chase the hordes of Daemons, Draigo has other plans. He splits off from his retinue and goes off after the Keeper of Secrets. Time for an epic showdown!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #42

The Lone Terminator Justicar charges at The Changeling, looking to remove all of the Tzeentch leaders from the battlefield. However, 2 Exalted Flamers join the combat as they heroically intervene. The Justicar reaches forward, Halberd in hand, and plunges it deep into the gowns of The Changeling, the Force properties of the Halberd interact with the Daemonic warp energies that manifest The Changeling into a physical being, immediately slaying the Daemon. In return, the Exalted Flamers strike the Justicar, but leave him on 1 wound! Another Victory Point for Steven.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #43

The fresh unit of Grey Knight Terminators charges into the Brimstone Horrors, Halberds poised at the ready for the attack. During the charge, 7 Brimstones die. The feeble Daemons attempt to strike back at the Terminators but to no avail. In the Morale Phase, the remaining Brimstones from the unit die to Morale, sucked back into the warp. Another Point racked up for the Grey Knights!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #44

Kaldor Draigo sees no enemy worthy of fighting him other than the Keeper of Secrets. He raises The Titansword, and charges headlong towards the Keeper of Secrets. The Keeper of Secrets’ rule Quicksilver Swiftness allows him to strike first in combat even if he has not charged. The Keeper’s Claw reaches forward trying to grab ahold of Kaldor Draigo, the razor-sharp vices looking to end the life of the Supreme Grand Master. As he swings in, Draigo raises his Storm Shield, as it absorbs the impact for him. He then swings the Titansword, clashing against the carapace-like body of the Keeper of Secrets, and immediately, tears through it, cleaving the Greater Daemon cleanly in two. What an awesome model this fellow is. Draigo is painted incredibly well, but is also a force to be reckoned with on the board!

Turn 3 - Chaos Daemons

Chema opts to spend 2 Command Points to use his stratagem Daemonic Incursion, one that definitely comes in handy in today’s game! It allows the Daemon player to bring back a unit when it has died to a Grey Knights unit, and he saved it for the death of the Keeper of Secrets.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #45

Such a powerful stratagem in this game, let’s see if Chema gets to make good use of what is essentially a free, second Keeper of Secrets!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #46

The Seekers move behind the cover of the crate, in order to stay out of the line of fire from Draigo, whereas the Flamers of Tzeentch move closer to Draigo, looking to fire off at him and slay the Grey Knight Warlord! And Chema rolls, getting d6 shots with each Flamer. He rolls an impressive 29 shots, and, with some very good rolling from Chema, manages to slay the Grey Knight Supreme Grand Master. This earns Chema what looks to be a game-changing 3 Victory Points!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #47

Although the forces of the Grey Knights are dwindling slowly, the spirit of those still surviving does not wane! In what was a heroic last stand against the Changeling and Exalted Flamers in Steven’s turn, the now vulnerable Justicar faces the wrath of all 5 Exalted Flamers which remove him with ease. On the other side, we saw the Keeper of Secrets fail his Charge. The Grey Knight Forces are almost completely gone now.

Turn 4 - Grey Knights

The remaining Terminators now move closer towards the seemingly endless horde of Brimstone Horrors, ready to avenge their fallen Brothers and most importantly, Supreme Grand Master Kaldor Draigo.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #48

The Land Raider Crusader follows, moving into range in order to fire all of its weaponry...

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #49

...enough shots to really make a dent in any infantry unit!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #50

Knowing the damage the Keeper of Secrets will cause on just about anything Steven has left, he casts Smite on the foul Daemon, taking off just a wound. In his Shooting Phase, Steven fires everything he has left in order to slay the Keeper of Secrets, the lead tearing through parts of the Slaaneshi Daemon, but only to its pleasure, as it survives on one wound! In a desperate attempt, Steven charges the Land Raider into the creature. Due to Quicksilver Swiftness, The powerful Keeper of Secrets manages to deal 3 wounds to the Land Raider Crusader, before the final blow is struck, and the Keeper of Secrets is run over and killed! Or so Steven thinks. Again, Chema opts to use up another 2 Command Points in order to use Daemonic Incursion on the Keeper of Secrets for the second time…

Is there any way the Grey Knights can overcome a third Keeper of Secrets?!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #51

The Terminator Squad assault the final Brimstone unit, the Marines making light work of the trivial Daemons, and finally killing off the last unit of Brimstones in the game, bringing Steven’s total up to 60 Brimstones killed at the end of it!

Turn 4  - Chaos Daemons

After killing Kaldor Draigo, the one Daemons fear the most, the Flamers relish in their victory, but it is a celebration short-lived...

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #52 they quickly move in search of their next target.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #53

Looking to remove the final Terminators, Chema fires the 5 Exalted Flamers at the remaining 3 Terminators. However, some very unlucky rolls from Chema, and incredible rolls from Steven, making 6 5+ invulnerable saves, sees one last surviving Grey Knight Terminator!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #54

The Keeper of Secrets, who has been brought back onto the battlefield for a third time now manages to successfully kill the Apothecary, making an 11″ charge to reach him as he did not manage to keep up with the more aggressive playing units up ahead. The Keeper drives the Witstealer Sword into the Apothecary, as he falls to his knees. With immense speed and precision, the Keeper’s claw slices the Apothecary’s head clean off.

Turn 5 - Grey Knights

With the game coming to a close, and only one Terminator and the Land Raider Crusader on the board for Steven, he charges the only unit on the board he can that won’t damage the Terminator in Overwatch. The Grey Knight charges into the Keeper of Secrets, rushing ahead with Halberd in hand.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #55

The Keeper of Secrets turns to face the oncoming assaulter and simply dances out of harm’s way before the Grey Knight even has time to process what is happening. By the time he notices, it is too late as the Keeper plunges its sword into the Terminator in a similar style to the Apothecary, but this time, slowly and painfully twists it inside of the Grey Knight, killing off the final Marine.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #56

The Land Raider Crusader in a final effort, fires all of its weapons at one of the Exalted Flamers, bringing it down to just a single wound. Looking to secure his final Victory Point, Steven charges in, but this time, unfortunately, does not manage to wound at all.

Turn 5 - Chaos Daemons

Using the Fly rule, the Exalted Flamers jumped out of combat with the Land Raider Crusader, whilst the remaining Daemons encircle the Land Raider as they all fire in unison at the Land Raider, the Daemonic flames melting through the thick armoured panels of the Land Raider Crusader, incinerating all of the crew inside.

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #57

This leaves the Land Raider on just 1 wound, and, in true cinematic fashion, the Keeper of Secrets swoops into combat, taking the final wound off of the Land Raider and securing the victory for Chema and his Chaos Daemons, wiping all of the Grey Knights off of the battlefield!

SN Battle Reports - Chaos Vs Grey Knights #58

Chaos Daemon Victory!

What a game, wow. And even more importantly, what a great outing for the 8th Edition Chaos Daemons Codex!!

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SN Battle Reports kicked off three years ago as a side project between two friends in a local wargaming club on the Rock of Gibraltar. The premise was to recreate the feel of the classic 40K White Dwarf battle reports of yore and bring this style to an audience familiar with them, but also introduce newer gamers to the style who perhaps have only experienced battle reports as Youtube videos.

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The focus of SN is on artistic quality, be it our tables, the terrain we use, the models themselves and the narratives that accompany each report. The team has become 5-strong: we share duties but each has our designated roles, Tech-Priest, Pict Recorder, Artificer, Librarian. We wanted the heart of the project to lie in the aesthetics of 40K & 30k, which is what attracted us all to the hobby in the first place.

The results so far have been inspiring for us. We have met some great people with some truly magnificent armies and made strong links with other gaming communities in Spain and in the UK. And most importantly had a load of fun doing it all!

What did folks make of that; would you like to see more written battle reports?

"...these reinforcements are much needed after the fall of one Dreadknight, and can also be a turning point in the battle simply due to Draigo’s immense power!"

"Is there any way the Grey Knights can overcome a third Keeper of Secrets?!"

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