Warhammer 40k Sanctus Reach Continues With Stormclaw!

July 12, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop have released their new boxed set for pre-order, Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw and as the previews and sneak peeks from White Dwarf would suggest it comes with both Orks and Space Wolves alongside a campaign supplement and a cut down version of the rules.

Stormclaw Boxed Set

I think it's actually quite a neatly presented new set for you to pick up as a starter product and it even has a few nice options for playing around with your miniatures and giving them a bit of character. Add to that the two named characters that will be fighting it out over the campaign missions and you might even be able to pretty much play right out of the box.

Stormclaw Rules

Maybe this is the start of something interesting from Games Workshop where they produce a selection of these duel kits where you can fight it out with a small points allowance and get a feel for the game. It could go down very well and could serve to enhance the narrative as they are doing here. The small rules pack is fairly neat too.

Do you think you'll pick up Stormclaw?

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