Warhammer Animation Preview Coming This Weekend

May 18, 2021 by brennon

Games Workshop is planning to give folks another look at their Warhammer Animation plans over the weekend. On Saturday 22nd May at 6pm BST you'll be able to follow along as they show off more of their plans for Hammer And Bolter and more.

Hammer & Bolter - Games Workshop

Hammer And Bolter // Games Workshop

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The team are going to be "spilling the beans" on what's coming up for their Warhammer Animation team. If this is going to be another big preview event then that means at least thirty minutes or so dedicated to covering the topic so it's not going to be the flash in the pan that we've seen previous to this.

Games Workshop has recently been talking about all manner of animators and creators who have been coming on board and offering their skills towards expanding the Warhammer Animation offerings. We already know that the creator of Astartes is now part of their team for example.

Warhammer Animation Preview - Games Workshop

Warhammer Animation Preview // Games Workshop

One would imagine that we're going to be getting some details on when and where we're going to be able to watch Hammer And Bolter and whatever else follows in its wake. As I've said before, I really hope that these are going to end up on the likes of Prime or Netflix as I think it would be an excellent way to reach a broader audience. Just look at how well Castlevania, The Dragon Prince, DotA and Love, Death & Robots have been doing for a start!

I have my suspicions that we are going to be seeing these become available only through an avenue of Games Workshop's choosing though. What's the betting that they set up a Warhammer Animation/My Warhammer section of their website where you can pay to stream/download them? I'm not utterly adverse to them doing this but it would be yet another subscription for people to sign up for.

Hammer And Bolter Trailer // Games Workshop

For those people asking for it to be free...do you realise animators, writers and artists have to be paid? I've already seen so many comments online from people asking for it to just be put on YouTube!?

I am very excited for Hammer And Bolter in particular. I love the art style they've gone for (see above) and I think it looks ten times better than the CGI offerings we've seen so far. I think that exaggerated American/Anime feel works very, very well for Warhammer, be it 40K or Age Of Sigmar. Talking of Age Of Sigmar, I hope we get some news on animations from that setting too!

Are you interested in what they pull out of their pocket this weekend?

"Talking of Age Of Sigmar, I hope we get some news on animations from that setting too!"

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