Warhammer TV Warhammer 40,000 Q&A Details Within [Updated]

April 24, 2017 by brennon

Pete Foley, head of the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and Andy Smilie from the Warhammer Community Team are going to be running a Q&A session (17:15 BST) on the new edition of the game from Games Workshop over on the Warhammer TV Facebook Page.


Right now you can go and post your comments over on the relevant post on the Facebook Page (not here) and then tune in later to find out if they answer your questions.

Update: Q&A Highlights included below...

  • Movement values are now back for all forces
  • Morale has been tweaked to be more important in the game
  • Range Modifiers have returned
  • Vehicles no longer have Armour Values and instead all units have the same statistic block
  • Everyone can hurt everyone in the game - Strength & Toughness work very differently
  • Armies should retain their similar playstyles from previous editions
  • Chargers in combat will fight first
  • If you play in Matched and Narrative play you adhere to the Battleforged  system (Organisation Charts)
  • Command Points are generated by following the Battleforged system
  • Command Points can be spent to interrupt turns and do special actions. For example, interrupting a units turn to activate instead
  • The main rulebook will include Command Point options but each Organisation Chart also reveals more plus there will be more in individual codices
  • Templates are going away entirely
  • You can only use one Command Point per turn so it can't be abused
  • New Edition has been heavily playtested by veterans at AdeptiCon and Nova as well as in-house
  • Five books available at launch that will give you all of the rules you need to play the game - no army will be left out
  • You will only need one book to play, no need to have loads of books anymore
  • Codices going forward will present more theme and narrative
  • Cities of Death and other themed books are part of their ideas going forward
  • Digital Rules and Printed Rules will be available for you to get
  • Core Rules will be available to all in some format or another
  • Trying to tick all of the boxes for casual and experienced players
  • New Edition is 'this year'
  • More details will be available for you at Warhammer Fest
  • None of your existing models are going anywhere - you will just get new ones
  • Different styles of points. Power Level (simple and narrative) and Matched Play (points for everything in a granular manner)
  • There WILL be new factions and AT LAUNCH!
  • There is no longer a cap on statistics at ten...so there can be some nasty stuff out there. For example big weapons do multiple wounds etc making it feel very hardcore and bloody
  • The game scales from around '1000 points' all the way up to massive play. So, smaller skirmishes up to Apocalypse style games
  • Now a keyword driven system so it works more like Age Of Sigmar. Abilities will pass on to units they SHOULD work with
  • However you can also easily ally with other armies with benefits - but they are trying to cut down on Deathstars
  • Close combat is going to be as viable as ranged fighting
  • If you recently bought a Codex or Rulebook within 8 weeks of the announcement you can email the Games Workshop team and get a voucher to the value of the books to help you out as you look towards the new edition

It's neat to see we're getting an insight into the game this early!

Will you be tuning in?

"Right now you can go and post your comments over on the relevant post on the Facebook Page..."

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