More Warlord Previews From Forge World – Alas Poor Titan Yorick!

May 11, 2015 by brennon

I really want someone from Forge World to mirror that famous scene from Hamlet with this newest preview for the Warlord Titan which comes in the form of its massive head...

Titan Head

Yup that is the massive head of a Warlord Titan that has been on the painting table and is looking very spiffing indeed. It's a fantastic looking head that's for sure and I like that they've kept some of the Epic Titan look from the past but updated it a bit to fit in with the look of the Imperial Knights too.

It's My Big Brother!

This is what the Warlord Titans used to look like back in Epic. We've seen the legs and the weapons already which are very much in keeping with this look but seriously when you see how it trades off against the ruins on that base you can imagine how big this version is going to be.

Epic Warlord Titan

I know that a few people have already decided that they're going to be scrimping and saving for one of these as it's not going to be cheap. We imagine that it's most probably going to be sold with the body, legs and head as one and then the arms will be separate.

Will you be getting one?

"It’s a fantastic looking head that’s for sure and I like that they’ve kept some of the Epic Titan look from the past but updated it..."

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