Warsuits & Sneaky Space Marines Come To Warhammer 40,000

August 12, 2019 by brennon

Following on from the Warhammer 40,000 Hobby Weekend we have a peek at some of the new miniatures dropping for the Space Marines. Check out the new Invictor Warsuit which is going to be leading the way from Games Workshop.

Invictor Warsuit - Games Workshop

This is a new Elite option for the Space Marines and brings together elements of tactical walkers with the design chassis of the well-loved Dreadnought. The suit has been designed to be quiet on the move, useful when getting stuck into a stealthy situation as you sneak up on the enemy. When things inevitably hit the fan the Invictus then pulls out its massive amount of guns and shreds the enemy.

Whilst this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea I really like the 'pistol heavy bolter' which has been strapped to the side. It reminds me very much of the designs for the mech suits in The Matrix. It's interesting to see the array of different options now dropping for the Primaris, turning them into the 'new' Space Marine force.

Phobos Armoured Heroes

The Vanguard Space Marines are also getting bolstered with the addition of a range of characters from an old boxed set. Leading the way we have the Phobos Captain.

Phobos Armour Captain - Games Workshop

This fellow should work as a good leader for your scout themed force on the tabletop. He reminds me a lot of Telion, the old Scout Sergeant that you were able to snap up for your Ultramarine force. Maybe you could use him as the updated version of him, pushing through the Primaris program in order to join the Ultramarines on new endeavours across the galaxy.

As well as the Phobos Captain we also have the Phobos Librarian who will be cloaking your force using psychic abilities.

Phobos Armour Librarian - Games Workshop

I really like the look of this miniature and if you don't want to use him as a stealthy fellow you could just paint the cloak up properly in order to fit him in with the rest of the Librarian range. I think he would be rather awesome done up in the Blood Raven colours.

A Fan Favourite

As well as the two characters from Shadowspear, the fan favourite Primaris Lieutenant is going to be dropping from the Wake The Dead set.

Primaris Lieutenant With Power Sword - Games Workshop

Armed with a power sword and no chapter-based markings this fellow would drop into the mix alongside any chapter and work out well. I think it would be cool to throw in a few accessories and stuff to spice him up too. Imagine him with a Space Wolf head in the mix and a cloak instead?

Are you tempted by these new Space Marine offerings?

"Are you tempted by these new Space Marine offerings?"

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