Go On Adventures Old & New With Gotrek & Felix

September 21, 2013 by brennon

Black Library are appealing to fans of the old and the new with their release of City of the Damned and in the near future, Trollslayer as part of the Black Library Classics collection...

Gotrek & Felix - City of the Damned

We've mentioned this one before from David Guymer, a great author for the series I might add, and it sees Gotrek & Felix heading to the fabled city of Mordheim following on the coat tails of a (most likely) misguided crusade. Sounds like just the kind of romp I was looking for!

Black Library Classic - Trollslayer

If you would prefer to delve back into the older stories of this dynamic duo then you could always wait till October and pick up the classics series Trollslayer with this rather fancy cover. I really would love to know who the artist for this one was as they seem to have captured the pair very well. It also comes with a new introduction to the stories.

Everyone has their favourite stories from Games Workshop and Black Library. I know that for most people this is the Horus Heresy series (a selection of books I have never really enjoyed) but for me the Age of Legends series and Gotrek & Felix have been a firm favourite for many years. The background and depth to the Old World screams out for more books, more stories and most importantly more heroes.

Hopefully we'll see the actual (insert target)slayer series come back soon but until then we have some good yarns to bridge the gap.

Will you be getting this?

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