Black Library Starts New Age of Sigmar Series With Spear of Shadows

September 4, 2017 by dracs

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Black Library has released the first in a new trilogy set in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Set off on the hunt for Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows.


This first instalment in the Eight Lamentations series by Josh Reynolds sees a dwarf, a human and a vampire drawn together to hunt for the second of eight legendary weapons, forged in ages past by Khorne's own smiths.

In a recent interview with Warhammer Community, Reynolds introduced us to some of the things we can expect to find in the book, including:

"... an opportunistic Kharadron merchant-turned-smuggler, a demigryph-riding knight, a Freeguilder-turned-sellsword, a disturbingly serene Sigmarite priestess, a cunning Khornate Deathbringer, a philosophical Tzeentchian Sorcerer, raven-assassins, a lunatic Skaven warlock-engineer and possibly the stupidest Verminlord ever spawned.

Also, there is a giant, flying shark."

I haven't been the biggest fan of Age of Sigmar in the past, specifically because of its background. However, this questing set up with interesting characters may well be the way in I've been looking for.

I think the flying shark may have sold me.

Do you like the sound of Spear of Shadows? Does it tempt you into Age of Sigmar's world?

"Hunt for eight legendary weapons, forged in ages past by Khorne's own smiths..."

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