Play as Ogres & Halflings with Hero’s Call!

February 22, 2012 by brennon

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Yes you did indeed hear that right. The folks at Fantasy Flight Games have shown off a little bit more about the new races available in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Namely the new Ogres and Halflings, both races with great appetites for food and adventure!

Ogre Maneater

Ogres and Halflings have notoriously been mildly tolerated by the Empire in Warhammer since being different from the norm would usually get you strung up and burnt by a cadre of Witch Hunters from the Sigmarite Temples of Altdorf! But there are plenty of professions for a budding adventurer of both small and giant stature in the Old World, maybe a Ratcatcher?

Rosie the Ratcatcher Art

Maybe that's a little big, but it certainly shows you what you will have to contend with in the sewers of the Empire! And when your fighting things that big maybe its good to have an Ogre around? But if you prefer the simple life, how about a simple chef?

Halfling Chef

So will you be taking up arms to answer the Hero's Call with either a Halfling or Ogre character? Do you play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay at all or just interested in it?

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Halfling or Ogre folks?

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