Praise Be to Hashut!

May 24, 2011 by dracs

Last games day there was a lot of hype surrounding the appearance of some certain small yet sinister figures in Forge World's display case. Anyone who has been into Warhammer Fantasy Battles for long will remember the Chaos Dwarves, the evil cousins to the regular Dwarves. If you don't here's what they used to look like.

Despite their discontinuation by Games Workshop these evil little blighters have had a soft spot in the hearts and minds of wargamers every where. Well now the Warhammer Forge have resurrected them. Praise be to Hashut!

So far only two units have been released. Firstly there is the Infernal Guard.

These guys appear to be something of a cross between a Dwarf Iron Breaker and a Slayer. They are completely covered in armour, with helmets which cover their entire faces. The point of this is that they have shamed themselves in some way and are no longer allowed to show their faces. How a Chaos Dwarf shames himself I have no idea. Maybe he was caught helping an old lady cross the road.

The only real problem I have with these models is the eye slits of the helmets. Some of them even only have one eye! Which begs some questions about the alternative equipment you can give them.

Now they're armed with Fire Glaves, a kind of repeating rifle crossed with a halberd. How the Hell do they aim!

However, the real thing to get excited about is this little monster.

Twin steam powered canons. Do you think the Chaos Dwarves might be compensating for something?

By and large I rather like these sculpts. I have always loved the Chaos Dwarves and I'm loving seeing them make a triumphant return. What do you guys think? Any die hard Chaos Dwarf fans out there? Let us all raise our voices in praise to Hashut together by leaving a comment below.

The rules for these, along with the other products Warhammer Forge have brought out, will be included in the upcoming Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos book.

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