Read About All Your Elves In One Big Collection

March 22, 2013 by brennon

If you're a big fan of Elves then the Black Library has a new omnibus collection that brings together all the stories by Graham McNeill into one place, and the cover art is pretty good looking too...

Elves Omnibus

"In Defenders of Ulthuan and Sons of Ellyrion, Ulthuan comes under attack from an alliance of the traitorous dark elves and Chaos-corrupted Norscans. As the great heroes of the high elves – Tyrion, Teclis and Eltharion among them – rally their armies, the fate of the land lies in the hands of Eldain and Caelir, brothers separated by fate and treachery. In Guardians of the Forest, the noble Bretonnian knight Leofric is thrown into an uneasy alliance with the wood elves as they battle a plot by monstrous beastmen to corrupt the sacred groves of Athel Loren and threatens not only the forest, but all of Bretonnia."

To be honest though, who really likes these pointy eared princelings? If I see one person has ordered this book there will be a grudge written against you immediately!

Do you think you'll be grabbing this collection?

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