Return to the Glory of Days Past in Warhammer Invasion

February 25, 2013 by dracs

The ancient armies of the Dwarfs are seeking to return to the Glory of Days Past in the new battle pack for the Warhammer card game.

Warhammer Invasion Glory of Days Past

Glory of Days Past introduces a new legend to lead the armies of these doughty and venerable soldiers. It also features a new support to boost the Dwarfs’ early Kingdom-building, a new quest that reinforces their position as the Old World’s pre-eminent miners and engineers, and a new Engineer unit that comes ready to launch Ambushes on unsuspecting foes.

Warhammer Glory of Days Past

Of course, fans of the other races have some goodies to look forward to as well, with new warriors for the greenskins, mages for the high elves and spells galore.

Do any of you play the Warhammer card game? Is anyone other than Ben excited by all of these cool dwarf additions?

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