New Skaven Thanquol & Boneripper Mini Sneaks Online!

January 6, 2015 by brennon

The new Grey Seer Thanquol & Boneripper model from Games Workshop has popped up online and it's looking very good indeed! If you're a die hard Skaven fan then you're going to be very happy with how he's turned out...

Thanquol & Boneripper (Classic)

Thanquol & Boneripper (Art)

Above you can see Thanquol & Boneripper in their original guises alongside a piece of artwork. You'll be pleased to know that the new version is much bigger and Thanquol must have spent a lot of warpstone getting Clan Skryre and Moulder to make him such a majestic gift.

The new Boneripper is huge, appearing around the same size (potentially) as Glottkin and features four arms each with a warpfire cannon of some description. One of his legs is mechanical and the frame as a whole is chunky and covered in muscle. Sitting atop his shoulders is the Grey Seer himself, Thanquol, with some very cool looking horns and an impressive staff to boot.

You can see the full leaked image HERE.

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