New Warhammer Fantasy Leaks; Nurgle Spreads! [Updated!]

October 14, 2014 by brennon

It looks like the White Dwarf leaks are early this week with the appearance of both some artwork and a miniature for the mysterious Glotkin that people have been pondering over for some time...

Update: Some more images of the three different heroes that will be mounting these beasts have appeared online. See what you think of the variants...

WD Leak #1

WD Leak #2

WD Leak #3

All very cool looking and I think the beasts themselves have gone down really well with Warhammer Fantasy fans. Much like with their Blightkings the old school look of these pieces, drawing on old artwork styles from books of the past, seems to be a winner. It will be interesting to find out how each of these different Heralds of Nurgle play!

The Maggot Lords

The cover of this week's White Dwarf is the first leak and shows the mighty Glotkin mounted atop a creepy beast. The miniature is said to be around the size of a Warhammer Fantasy Giant and might even be a kit that allows you to make a selection of different riders.


This is the piece of artwork that made itself known in a selection of stores over the last week or so showing Glotkin atop his beast. It certainly points to the Chaos End Times book being rather focused on the work of Nurgle.

Interesting a chat I had at Warhammer Fest revealed that three huge sections of the Old and New World are going to be utterly destroyed in the coming installment. Whether or not there is truth to that I don't know but it came from a fairly good source. My money is on Lustria, Ulthuan and Kislev biting the dust.

What do you think?

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