Warhammer Week At Black Library Adds Short Stories Every Day

June 27, 2014 by brennon

Black Library have been running Warhammer Week and there are now a selection of short stories on offer for you to check out. If you're a fan of any of these writers or just love the Old World see what you think of these five and then of course there will be two more available over the weekend...


Life for the warriors of the north is brutal and short, full of battle in the name of savage gods and their avatars. And when one of the foremost servants of the Blood God calls, Edred Dwarfslayer must answer. Drawn to the service of the Gorequeen, Valkia the Bloody, Edred little suspects the consequences that his decision will have for all of his tribe…

A Question of Faith

The Empire of Sigmar is in crisis. The Black Plague sweeps across the lands, killing indiscriminately and some unscrupulous folk try to turn the tragedy that follows the disease into a way to earn a profit. When a self-proclaimed ‘plague doktor’ arrives in Helmstedt offering to protect the people (for a price), the Sigmarite priest Father Anton makes some startling – and life-threatening – discoveries about the nature of the plague...

The Last Man

The Empire of Sigmar is in crisis. The Black Plague sweeps across the lands, killing indiscriminately and as the city-states close their walls and try to survive the horror, small towns like Wartenhof are left to fend for themselves. But worse things than disease lurk in the darkness, as the skaven, originators of the plague, rise to claim the Empire as their own. The last human alive in Wartenhof bears witness to their evil… But will he survive for long enough to report it to the authorities?

Sticks & Stones

War against orcs and goblins is never easy for the soldiers of the Empire. Their foes and savage and brutal and revel in battle… and never more so than when a mighty idol of their gods marches to war alongside them, fuelled by magic and the power of the Waaagh! In the midst of battle, it falls to Rutger Erlang and his pistolier comrades to deal with the manifestation of Gork (or is it Mork?) and prevent the total destruction of the Empire army.

Bernheimer's Guns

When the Imperial engineer Mikal Bernheimer flees to the free city of Marienburg, it falls to Erkhart Dubnitz and the Knights of Manann to protect the exile while the great and good wage diplomatic war over the matter. Not too onerous a task, so it seems, but with enemies on all sides and intrigue around every corner, Dubnitz and his men are guaranteed a good fight as well…

Josh Reynolds and C.L.Werner are two favourite writers from the current stock at Black Library and I've enjoyed their writing in the past so I might end up picking them up and giving them a read.

There aren't any short stories on Dwarfs yet but I hold out hope! Will keep an eye out over the weekend and snap some up!

Will you be doing a lot of reading over the weekend?

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