Warhammer Wood Elves Continue To Stream From The Forest

May 3, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop has released the rulebook and more for the world of Warhammer Fantasy and the Wood Elves but the second wave is also up for pre-order now. See what you think of the Eternal Guard, Wildwood Rangers, Wild Riders & Sisters of the Thorn!

Eternal Guard

Wildwood Rangers

First up we have the Guard and the Rangers that will be forming the bulwark of on foot infantry facing down your opponents. I think both combinations are some of the coolest looking miniatures out there and the Wildwood Rangers in particular are brilliant. I love those massive two handed blades they're carrying and the axes in hand are a nice twist on the standard Elf.

Wild Riders

Sisters of the Thorn

Next up are some more of their brilliant looking miniatures in the form of this cavalry. The mounts themselves look amazingly fey and with a simple colour change they've tweaked from hardy hunting steeds to mythical beasts. I think the Wild Riders are the better of the two sets and these bodyguards of Orion are very awesome.

It's going to be awesome delving through the new rulebook and seeing what other awesome things can be dug up from this army. Looking at some of the existing models out there for the Wood Elves they fit right in with the new kits and some of them are still brilliant, especially their characters.

Will you be ordering?

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