White Dwarf Leak! End Times & Hobbit Coming Soon! [Update!]

November 18, 2014 by brennon

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The newest White Dwarf leak takes us back to the Warhammer End Times and especially the role that both the Dark Elves and High Elves are going to be taking in this titanic struggle laid out by Games Workshop...


As you can see Malekith himself has mastered his old school dragon once more (no new model then?) and will be riding into war alongside the Phoenix Guard themselves it seems! Civil war once again strikes the elder race of the Warhammer world and I can't wait to see whether or not it's Malekith or Tyrion who allow themselves to be taken over to become the avatar of Khaine himself on the battlefield.


Elves Art


This artwork from the trailer (and the end image of Khaine himself) do seem to point towards the Avatar striding across the battlefield itself. We've heard that there will be no new miniatures with this End Times release and that does seem to be the case. Currently the only things coming for it are Warhammer: Khaine and The End Times: The Curse of Khaine which is a novel to run alongside the story.


Malekith's Army

Reasons to Read

Avatar of Khaine

More details have emerged about the forthcoming book and a few of the interesting twists in the story. You can read a little more about the various plot points in the 'Reasons to Read' image above but it's safe to say that Tyrion is never going to be the same again. After drawing the sword to protect his people he has become the embodiment of Khaine, his Avatar, and will no doubt be causing quite the drama across Ulthuan.

Elsewhere we are hearing that there are Hobbit releases on the way!


Legolas Foot & Mounted

Thranduil Foot & Mounted

· The Hobbit - Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm: Thranduil mounted on horse and on foot in a clampack.

· The Hobbit - Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood: Two Finecast miniatures of Legolas mounted on horse and on foot in a clampack.

· The Hobbit - Tauriel, Mirkwood Exile: Tauriel on foot in a clampack.

· The Hobbit - Mirkwood Armoured Captain: Captain on foot in a clampack.

· The Hobbit - Mirkwood Armoured Bowmen: Three Finecast miniatures in clampack.

Mirkwood Captain

Elven Knights

Armoured Swordsmen

Armoured Spearmen

Armoured Bowmen

So anyone who has been really interested in getting their Hobbit stuff back on the go can breath easy and it appears they are going to be delivering the releases weekly up until the film hits cinemas I imagine.

Apart from Legolas painted to look like an old man and the same for Tauriel I think these are some pretty awesome Hobbit sculpts for the final film and final installment to the tabletop game from Games Workshop.

What do you think?

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