Wrathmongers & Skullreapers Now Up For Warhammer Pre-Order

March 6, 2015 by brennon

Games Workshop have put up the new pre-orders for both the Warhammer Fantasy Wrathmongers and Skullreapers that we saw earlier in the week. These new Khorne models seem to have been met with a bit of laughter and some love too. I think I'm on the side of love...


The Wrathmongers are some pretty awesome hammer wielding, chain lashing demons of awesomeness with blood red skin and a bit of an angry attitude problem. Well, maybe that's putting it a bit tamely. I think these are very cool and despite the YMCA poses I think they look great.


The Skullreapers are more in keeping with the style you might have seen from 90's Games Workshop and they also have a bit of the Chaos Space Marine about them too which is interesting. I think these are cool too and I love the idea of painting them up with really pale skin and bright red armour as a contrast. A bit Skorne like but I think it works.

Archaon Standard

Limited Edition Archaon

The End Times: Archaon is also out for pre-order and comes in it's standard guise as a big Hardback Book and Limited Edition ready to bring the forces of Chaos to the tabletop and probably ruin the Old World for ever. It will be interesting to see whether or not humanity destroys Archaon or will evil reign supreme and send humanity and the rest of the forces of Order into a post-apocalyptic world?

There's also a very cool sounding Art Book within the Limited Edition that I wouldn't mind have a look at. I bet it's got some great scenes within it and would make a neat coffee table book.

What do you think of the new releases (once again) and are you looking forward to the final End Times book?

Let us know!

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