Pre-Orders For Warlord Games’ Black Seas Now Available

September 5, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games are presenting folks with another avenue into a world of ships battling on the high seas with the pre-orders for their new game, Black Seas, going up online this week.

Master & Commander Set - Warlord Games

The new set features a range of 1/700th scale ships from both the French and British navy which will be doing battle upon the high seas. The core set, Master & Commander, gives you everything you need to get going in the game with all of the plastic ships and the added accessories. Plus, you get a nice board to play it all out on.

Master & Commander Starter Set Layout - Warlord Games

Breaking things down the game comes with the aforementioned plastic ships. You get a set of Frigates...

Plastic Frigates - Warlord Games

...and a set of Brigs

Plastic Brigs - Warlord Games

Being plastic they should be nice and easy to put together and then it's just a matter of making sure that they have the correct colours flying atop their masts! We've seen a few companies working on tall ship games like Black Seas over the years and all of them provide quite the spectacle on the tabletop when you see them ready to clash with each other. I would say that despite the less detailed material Warlord Games have managed to get some rather spiffing looking ships together for this range.

Rulebooks & Expansions

As well as the Core Set here you'll also need a rulebook which can be snapped up separately if you like. It can either be purchased in Limited Edition form with a faux leather-looking cover or with the cover that you see here which will be available at retail.

Black Seas Rulebook - Warlord Games

As it stands, much like with other pre-orders from Warlord Games, you'll also be able to get yourself a 28mm miniature to go along with it too. The character known as 'Sea Wolf' might be a good fit for those playing games of Black Powder down by the dockside.

Sea Wolf Special Miniature - Warlord Games

When you look beyond the Core Set the team at Warlord have also been working on some additional fleet options for people playing as the French and British. You can see the additional Fleets available as part of the larger Platinum Collection that they've put together for the pre-order period.

Black Seas Collected - Warlord Games

So, if you don't want to get the Black Seas Master & Commander set you could just snag a Starter Fleet each down the line and get the rulebook as well. It seems like we're also going to be seeing some iconic ships getting thrown into the mix too with HMS Victory and L'Orient shown off here.

Are you tempted to get into some battles on the high seas with Black Seas?

"Are you tempted to get into some battles on the high seas with Black Seas?"

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