Samurai Goodness! Pre-Orders For Warlord’s Test Of Honour Begin

February 20, 2017 by brennon

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You can get stuck into the world of Test Of Honour soon as the new samurai skirmish game from Warlord Games is up for pre-order over on their webstore right now. The Core Box gets you started in this world with all the essential tools to begin your ascent to power via all manner of routes both nefarious and pure.

Test Of Honour (Game)

Inside the basic box for the game, you will get...

  • 5x Samurai
  • 20x Ashigaru soldiers armed with spears
  • 10x Ashigaru soldiers armed with bows or muskets
  • 10x Test Of Honour Battle Dice
  • 10x Multibases
  • 21x Blue Faction Recruitment Cards
  • 21x Red Faction Recruitment Cards
  • 23x Skill Cards
  • 6x Injury Cards
  • 10xDishonour Cards
  • 3x Fate Tokens
  • 5x Objective Tokens
  • 12x Reloading/Cautious Tokens
  • 14x Samurai Action Tokens
  • 16x Commoner Action Tokens
  • 16x Blood Drop Tokens
  • Main Rules booklet
  • Battle Guide booklet
  • FREE Pre-Order Bonus Unarmoured Samurai model and card you a good start to begin building up your warband. The scenarios inside the book you get in the game will allow you to play out a story as you build on your group and see how they deal with each battle and scenario that comes their way.

Test Of Honour (Game Rear)

We love the idea of consequences being part of the outcome of each battle. Both the winner and loser will get something and form up an intriguing narrative which will continue from game to game. Of course, the pre-order bonus Samurai is always a nice boost and something Warlord Games do with a lot of their big new releases.

Expanded Content

The Core Game isn't the only option as they have also put together a Complete Bundle which adds new models to help build up your warband.


"The masterless samurai known as ‘ronin’ roam the land as mercenaries and highwaymen. The warband of Tadashi ‘the Dishonoured’ has a reputation for using bribes, dirty tricks and even poison to massacre its enemies."

Pauper Soldiers

"Disinherited samurai lord Senzo ‘the Thorn’ leads a group of pauper soldiers, using his legendary skills with the bow in the hope of winning back his fortune."

Masked Men

"Warrior Monk Masahiro has vowed to fight the injustices of the Japanese clans. He and his followers battle the power of the samurai, taking the armoured face-plates of their fallen enemies as badges of victory."

Mounted Samurai

"Following the murder of her husband, the widow Takeda Naoko dons the armour of a samurai and rides out to seek vengeance, all the while clinging desperately to the path of honour."

It's awesome that these boxes each come with their own little slice of story to them making it a lot more than just a box of models. The sculpts are also fantastic and we can't wait to see more of this game! If you're getting in on this then we want to know your thoughts.

Are you going to be taking on the Test Of Honour?

"Both the winner and loser will get something and form up an intriguing narrative which will continue from game to game..."

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